Cashback Debit Card without a SSN Requirement.

1% Saving Bonus+ 1% Cashback.
Build your credit score.
100% Free, FDIC insured.

Get Double Cheese Reward.

1% Saving Bonus+ 1% Cashback

Let’s say you pay $50,000 in school tuition. With the Cheese Card, you’d get $500 cash back! Moreover, you could double your saving bonus by inviting your friends after joining our waitlist.


Get the Highest Reward.

1% - 3% Interest + 0.5% Cashback

Let’s say you pay $50,000 in school tuition. With the Cheese Card, you’d get $250 cash back!


We Don’t Charge Fees.

The Cheese Card is 100% free. Traditional banks love charging fees. We don’t.


Build Your Credit History.

Start building your credit score with Cheese from day one. It’s the easiest way to start improving your credit score.undefined


No SSN Required.

Your ID or Passport is enough! Unlike most banks, we don’t require a SSN or credit history to apply.

What Others are Saying about Us...

" I didn’t know much about banking in the US. With no credit history or SSN, I didn’t think I had any good options. I was so surprised when I heard Cheese is designed for us, and offers benefits that I never thought I could get!"

Tracy - International Student at USC

“ In order to control my budget, I choose to only use debit cards after paying off all my credit card debt. It's the caviar on top that Cheese is a debit card but with credit card benefits. Plus, it’s nice to earn high saving bonus on my checking account!”

Zack - Surfer from San Diego, CA

" I moved to the US not long ago and it’s been such a struggle to get a credit card. I’ve been turned down again and again. So, I joined the Cheese waitlist as soon as I saw the card will help with building a credit history."

Vida - Moved to US from Philippines

Founder's Story - Meet Ken Lian

" I came to the US from China in 2008 to study, and after four years, I’d paid in overdraft, ATM, and international wire fees. Without a SSN or credit history, I couldn’t apply for a credit card with benefits, even though I was spending quite a bit on tuition. Sound familiar? My story isn’t unique. Millions of international students simply don’t have better options. So, after years in the fintech space, we made Cheese. Our goal is to make banking easier and more rewarding for everyone. Fun fact: I once rode a bicycle from Seattle to NYC and published a book named <穿越美利坚>.
Product suggestions? Questions? Just want to say hi? Drop Ken a line at

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