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What to Expect

• A $15 cash bonus for every qualified referral you make.
• Exclusive access to insider news via an influencer newsletter
• Best practices to help you maximize referral bonuses.
• Opportunities to participate in giveaways and lifestyle partnerships.
• Chance to become the candidate for Cheese Ads creation.
• And much more to come!

Please Do

• Help your viewers understand that they have choices through Cheese.
• Show that anyone with a valid SSN and U.S. residential address is welcomed to join Cheese.
• Show “zero banking fee”, “instant cash back”, “early paycheck”, and “deposit bonus” features of the Cheese Debit Card.
• Show how quick and easy to apply compared to credit cards.
• Explain the capability of a virtual card prior to the physical card arrival.
• Explain what the limited time offers are ($5 fund account, up to 3% deposit bonus, surprise offer, limited time cash back, and etc.).
• Convey that users can enjoy a fair and joyful Cheese banking experience.

Please Don’ts

• Describe Cheese as a Visa card. 
• Describe Cheese as a credit card.
• Describe that Cheese is only for one specific ethnic group.
• Use industry jargonState that Cheese is a bank and keeps all the deposits. 
• State intangible factors that may influence the application for Cheese. 
• Compare Cheese with other competitors directly.
• Demonstrate the banking features not shown above.


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1% - 3% Interest + 0.5% Cashback

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