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Credit Building
on Autopilot

  • No Credit Check

  • No Admin or Membership Fees

  • Build Your Credit and Save Money

Start Building Credit

Credit Building
on Autopilot

  • No Credit Check

  • No Admin or Membership Fees

  • Build Your Credit and Save Money

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Save Money and Build Your Credit

Building credit can be complex. From deposits and credit utilization, it can be hard to know where to start. Cheese makes it easy. You don’t have to put money down upfront, and our credit builder loan helps you build credit faster. 

1. Customize Your Account

Start saving with a credit builder loan of as little as $500, depending on your needs. Choose a term length of 12 or 24 months and turn on autosave. You don’t even have to think about it!

2. Auto Save Builds Your Credit

Use our autosave feature, and we take care of the rest! Your savings are reported to credit bureaus and help improve your score. Meet your credit goal and build your savings at the same time!

Build Credit and Save Money
in 3 Easy Steps

Apply for Cheese Credit Builder

No credit check. No admin fee. Get started easily in 3 minutes.

Build positive payment history

Each payment will be reported to all 3 credit bureaus and added to your savings.

Get your money back

Get your paid off principal back at the end of the loan term, minus the interest.

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How Cheese Helps

Payment History

Cheese allows you to show credit bureaus that you can handle consistently making on-time payments. This makes up 35% of your credit score!

Credit Utilization

Cheese doesn't hurt your credit utilization ratio because it's a form of installment credit—not revolving credit like a credit card.

Length of Credit History

The Cheese Credit Builder trade line lasts up to 10 years. A longer credit history provides evidence that you pay back your debts and are reliable.

Account Mix

Cheese Credit Builder diversifies your credit profile by adding a personal loan. Having a mix of credit products brings on 10% of your credit score.

Why Cheese is Better

Cheese is the most convenient and delightful way of building credit.

Repayment Safety Net

We make sure your savings are on time in order to report positively to the credit bureaus. You have the option to terminate the loan earlier if you can't make it.

ONE Account Does It All!

Managing multiple accounts and secured credit card could be confusing and tiring. Cheese keeps everything simple and straight forward.

No Redundant Fees

You don’t have to put money down upfront. No more admin and membership fees. We only charge a fixed and low APR.

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What Does It Cost?

Credit builders should be cheap. Cheese only charges the lowest annual percentage rate, and we never charge or hide any other fees. We are committed to bringing the best value to our users.

If you open a $500 loan for 24 months..

Credit builders should be cheap. Cheese only charges the lowest annual percentage rate, and we never charge or hide any other fees. We are committed to bringing the best value to our users.

Check My Local APR Rate

Build Your Credit and Save Money

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The Rent You Already Paid Can Also Build Your Credit!

Cheese also helps you report your rental history for an instant credit score impact!

Up to 2 Years of Rental History

This one-time report could help you significantly boost your credit score in a short time. This is a great bundle with the Cheese Credit Builder Loan.

Future Rent Payment

Sign up to use your future rent payments to contribute to your credit. Make your rent payments meaningful to your credit score.

Common Questions


Why credit builder loan is better than credit builder cards / secured credit cards?

Secured cards require upfront deposits in order to begin using the card and building credit. With Cheese, you don't need to spend extra money or worry about spending over the credit limits which can cause negative impact on your credit score. Moreover, Cheese credit builder loan is also a good credit mix for your credit profile.


When can I access my savings?

You will be able to get your savings back when the loan matures. We will automatically transfer your savings back to the bank account you connected.


Can I close my credit builder loan?

We know making deposits isn’t always easy. You can contact Cheese customer service to close your credit builder loan account and we will report your account as closed in good standing.

What Our Customers Say

“one of the best I’ve seen”

I'm planning to become a home owner soon. This credit builder is one of the best I’ve seen. Very low payments a month while saving money and building your credit. I definitely recommend Cheese.

Dan H. from Ohio*
Home Buyer

“15 points in one month”

I really like this credit builder product as it actually helped me to improve my credit by 15 points in one month! Strongly recommend!

Fan Y. from California*
Keeping Credit Health

“increase my credit score by 20 points.”

Great service it help me increase my credit score by 20 points.

Marco G. from Florida*
Home Buyer

“50+ points so far”

Cheese credit builder is an easy way to boost credit effortlessly, it gives me confidence that Cheese is doing extra work on my behalf and I am building credit like 2xx speed. My score went up 50+ points so far and it is really impressive. I like the yellow Cheese brand and the customer service team responds very quickly if I ever need help.

Ken L. from California*
Rebuilding Credit

“a game-changer for me”

I have been using Cheese Credit Builder for one month now, and I can honestly say that it has been a game-changer for me. Before I started using Cheese, my credit score was in pretty bad shape, and I had very little savings to my name. However, since signing up for Cheese, I have been able to take control of my finances in ways I never thought possible. One of the things I love about Cheese Credit Builder is that it allows me to save money while also building my credit score. Every time I make a payment on my Cheese account, a portion of that payment goes into a savings account that I can access at any time. This has been incredibly helpful for me because it has allowed me to start building up an emergency fund, something I never had before. In addition to helping me save money, Cheese Credit Builder has also been instrumental in helping me improve my credit score. By making regular payments on my Cheese account, I have been able to demonstrate to creditors that I am responsible and reliable when it comes to managing my finances. As a result, my credit score has started to go up, and I am hopeful that it will continue to improve as I use Cheese.

Johnny V. from California*
Home Buyer

“best way to build credit”

Cheese is not only the best food, but the best way to build credit. Simple to sign up, easy to understand how it helps your credit and a cute design (not just yuck numbers when checking the app, too many banks are just numerical, give me the cheese doodles!) I recommend Cheese to any and everyone needed to build/raise their credit scores.

Becca C. from Texas*
Rebuilding Credit

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  • No Credit Check

  • No Admin or Membership Fees

  • Build Your Credit and Save Money

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