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6 Things Worth Spending More Money On

July 27, 2021

Cutting costs is one fast way to save money. However, while purchasing dollar store party decorations and dishware might be a great way to save money while spending, there are certain things that are worth spending more money on.

It’s important to assess the long-term value of whatever you’re buying to determine whether or not it’s okay to cut corners in terms of quality and costs. If you buy a budget mattress, for example, just because it’s cheap, you might find yourself paying more in the long-run when that mattress deteriorates after just two years.

At Cheese, we support your savings goals, but sometimes that means spending more upfront to spend less long-term. Not sure what’s worth spending more money on? Here are six items you’ll want to invest in.

What to Spend More Money On

1. Dental Care

6 Things Worth Spending More Money On | Cheese Debit Card

Taking care of your health is well worth the money. And, dental care is one of the most important areas of health that you should invest in. Dental health can directly affect other areas of your body, with the Mayo Clinic noting that poor dental hygiene can lead to cardiovascular problems and even contribute to pneumonia.

Invest in an electric toothbrush that will not only clean your teeth but also emit high-frequency sound waves that provide you with a deeper clean for your teeth and gums. You can find these types of toothbrushes at budget-friendly prices on Amazon or even at local retailers such as Walmart and Target. Burst’s sonic toothbrush currently costs $70, which is well worth spending the money on.

2. Home Appliances

6 Things Worth Spending More Money On | Cheese Debit Card

The logic of spending more on home appliances is that paying for repairs is a costly expense. If you have to have someone install a new shower head every two years and then visit yearly for repairs on a cheap appliance then you’re going to end up paying much more in the long-run.

Instead, it pays to spend more money on high-quality home appliances. Most major home appliances, if purchased new and from a reputable retailer, should last for about 15 years. Refrigerators and dryers, which get more use, should last up to about 13 years. So, divide the cost of the appliance by about 15 years and you’ll see that, without expensive repairs, it probably ends up being cheaper.

3. Professional Clothing

6 Things Worth Spending More Money On | Cheese Debit Card

Investing in high-quality, durable work clothing is well worth spending extra money on. A recent study published by Forbes showed that people who dress better have more confidence and are more focused on details. So, spending money on stable workwear items such as a nice suit, a pair of dress slacks, or even a professional coat that you carry with you as you travel for work is well worth the investment.

You should focus on creating a timeless wardrobe, which means spending money on durable items that last through various years and seasons. If it helps, focus on items that you can pair up or down. A few great work slacks should last you a few years if you’re able to mix and match with different blouses and shoes, for example.

4. Baby Products

6 Things Worth Spending More Money On | Cheese Debit Card

Similar to healthcare costs, one of the areas in which it pays to spend more is on baby products and care. As your child develops their personality and physical foundation, it pays to invest in high-quality diapers that won’t cause diaper rash, great baby food, and formula that suits their individual needs.

To save on essentials such as diapers, you can buy in bulk on Amazon or access coupons via apps such as Checkout 51, Rakuten, or other similar cost-cutting apps.

5. Mattress

6 Things Worth Spending More Money On | Cheese Debit Card

Getting sufficient rest is a crucial component of leading a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. So, spending more money on a great mattress is going to be more beneficial for your pocketbook in the long run than spending big money on home decor. After all, you spend over a third of your life sleeping; you want to be comfortable!

For a queen-sized mattress, you can expect to spend close to $1,000 on a high-quality mattress that is going to last comfortably for years. Do your research before you make the purchase and figure out what kind of mattress is best for your sleeping needs. A good mattress should last you anywhere from 7 to 10 years.

6. Auto Safety

6 Things Worth Spending More Money On | Cheese Debit Card

As a rule of thumb, you should never spend more than a tenth of your annual income on a new car. However, if you need to spend a bit more, it’s well worth it in this case. Spending more on a reliable car ensures the safety of you and your family.

This means splurging to buy the car that has brand new (or well-tested) brakes, great tires, and other safety features such as working airbags. Also, it pays to spend more on auto insurance if you can afford the cost. In the case of an unexpected emergency or accident, you’ll be glad you’re well covered.

Saving More with Cheese

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