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7 Fun Ways To Celebrate Chinese New Year In 2021

Kiera Xu
July 27, 2021

Over 2 billion people plan to celebrate the Chinese New Year in 2021, meaning that the event is one of the largest celebrations that occur globally, in a very big way. Whether you’re celebrating virtually this year or in-person with your bubble of family and close friends, there’s no doubt that you’ll still be able to celebrate Chinese New Year in a way that feels festive and fun.

To help you come up with more fun ways to celebrate this year, we’ve created a list of the seven most fun ways to celebrate Chinese New Year in 2021. The best part? All of these ideas are ways that you can celebrate virtually if you’re staying home and socially distancing.

How to Celebrate the Chinese New Year in 2021

1. Create Red Envelopes for Friends & Family

Red envelopes are considered a sign of wealth and prosperity during the Chinese New Year. Obviously, they should also contain money, which is a very self-explanatory sign of wealth and food fortune. The history behind the custom is even more intriguing, however. Allegedly, parents began placing coins on their children’s pillows to ward off a demon. Now, the idea is that, when gifting red envelopes with coins inside, you’re “blessing” your friends and family for the new year that’s ahead. To celebrate, make your own unique red envelopes with gold trimmings and coins, then mail them to friends and family.

2. Decorate Your Home

Get into the festive mood by decorating your home early this year. To decorate for the Chinese New Year, it’s best to include lots of gold and red colors along with touches of calligraphy, poetry, and plants that all signify happiness, good luck and prosperity. Host a virtual decorating party where you all participate in making fai chun, the decorative banners that you see hung around the New Year; all you need is black or gold ink and some bright red paper.

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3. Learn About Your Chinese Zodiac

What better time to learn about your Chinese zodiac than during the New Year? Beginning on February 12th, 2021, we’ll enter the year of the ox. This is an especially fun way to celebrate the Chinese New Year if you have children in your household. Have them figure out their Chinese zodiac sign and then read a bit into what it means for them. Each sign has some lucky colors, so they can create pieces of artwork using those colors and their animal.

4. Make Chinese Firecrackers

Just as we celebrate Western New Year’s Eve with fireworks, the Chinese New Year is also rung in with firecrackers. And, they’re much louder and more powerful than those we see on December 31st. In fact, the idea is that the louder they are, the more prosperous your year will be. Here’s a great tutorial on how to make Chinese firecrackers as a family or even with friends as a fun New Year’s activity.

5. Offer Sacrifices to Ancestors

It’s a sign of respect to offer sacrifices to ancestors during Chinese New Year. Offering meat and wine is traditional, but it’s best to ask your family or others around you what they usually offer during this celebration. If you’re hosting a Zoom New Year’s party, this is a great way to bring everybody together before engaging in other activities.

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6. Eat Sweet Dumplings

No Chinese New Year is complete without sweet dumplings! Actually, they’re a major part of reunion dinners mentioned above that occur before the festivities. If your relatives or friends are from south China, you might find that they’re more accustomed to eating spring rolls or sticky rice cakes. In that case, you’ll need to head to your local Asian market in order to get all of the ingredients you need

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7. Eat Traditional Chinese Dishes

Depending on which part of China your friends and family (or even you) are from, you might find that everybody follows slightly different traditions when it comes to New Year dishes. However, dumplings are pretty standard. Load them up with cabbage, green onion, and savory pork, and you’ve got yourself a fine midnight snack. 

Feeling a bit lazy this Chinese New Year? Serve hot pots, which are literally hot, boiling pots full of meats, vegetables, and whatever else you feel like throwing in there. Nian Gao and steamed fish are two other great options as well. If you’re hosting a virtual party, have everybody make a dish beforehand and then drop portions off at everybody’s house before the event; it’s a “virtual” potluck that you’ll remember forever.

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Saving for Chinese New Year Celebrations

The Chinese New Year is a time of prosperity and fortune. However, you shouldn’t have to break the bank just to enjoy the celebrations. So, for the special holiday, we’ve got a gift for you!

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