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7 Saving Tips for Busy Moms

With all the responsibilities that come with motherhood, it can be easy to drown in the details and forget the bigger picture of meeting your savings goals. 

Sure, you can find work from home jobs that earn you extra cash, but those just eat into your precious time that’s better spent doting on your children or finally getting a little rest.

With these money-saving tips, you will save yourself precious time and energy in the future by making changes in your life as a parent right now.

7 Saving Tips for Busy Moms

1. Plan Meals Ahead of Time

There are countless ways to save money grocery shopping, the most crucial of which is meal planning. 

Every week, plan out meals around that week’s deals in the grocery ad circulars as well as your current coupons. 

If you don’t want to track ads, sales, and coupons yourself, many money saving apps are available to help you budget while ensuring that you’re grocery shopping strategically. The app you use will also help you stick to your shopping list and reduce impulse buys.

2. Buy Groceries in Bulk

Other tips for meal planning include buying in bulk, which reduces costs on a per-unit basis. 


You can divide bulk food purchases up into reasonable meal sizes and include them in your kids’ lunches. 


Also, if you make enough food at dinner, you will be able to pack your children’s lunches for the next day without any additional time needed to prepare a new meal.

3. Buy Children’s Clothes at Resale Shops

Kids often outgrow their clothes within a year, meaning buying them new clothes every season gets expensive quickly. 


Check out children’s resale shops, garage sales, and thrift stores to find quality children’s clothes in great condition. 

You can also sell clothes your own kids have outgrown to a consignment shop in order to receive store credit that you can use to fund your future kids’ clothing purchases.


In general, this is also a great way to reduce waste and ensure that others can also find adequate clothing for their children at low prices. Save money, live better, and help others out. It’s a win-win all around.

4. Take Advantage of the Library

You may not realize all the free services your local library provides for children. However, they’re a great source for those who want to save money without thinking about it.


Public libraries often have weekly children’s reading times and special rooms just for children to enjoy, as well as kid-centric seasonal events. 


Kids can also check out books, games, and DVDs to bring home with them. Do this instead of signing up for a Netflix account and you’ll save $155.88 a year.

5. Buy Last Year’s Models

Your child is not going to know that her car seat has last year’s pattern on it, or that you found her clothes on clearance. 


Take advantage of the substantial discounts you can find on children’s gear and clothes at the end of each season; your child will never know the difference. 


If you’re buying clothing or shoes, wait until there’s a large sale at Famous Footwear or Payless and then purchase them in the next size up so you will be ready when the time rolls around.

6. Swap Babysitting Responsibilities

One of the biggest expenses that moms have is childcare. In fact, 60% of American families spend at least $1,000 on babysitting a year.


To reduce the money that you need to spend on a babysitter every month, ask your parents or in-laws for a night off or trade off evenings with another friend with kids so that you can have a free night to yourself every once in a while. 


Your kids will love seeing their grandparents or having one of their friends join them for dinner, and next time you will be the one with a child-free evening.

7. Automate Your Savings

Again, as a busy mom, we know just how tired you are. All of the above tips are great if you actually have time to sit down and think about them. Or, if you’re able to access great banking options.


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