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7 Sites Where You Can Find Free Online Classes

There’s no denying that the global pandemic we’re all living through and experiencing right now is nothing short of somber. As schools close, cities shut down and our healthcare workers battle the biggest war we’ve fought in over a century, it’s easy to get lost in the grief and sadness of the situation.

However, there are also a lot of great things happening amidst the coronavirus crisis. Citizens in lockdown are providing free live concerts on their balconies for neighbors, youth are volunteering to deliver groceries to the elderly and creators are releasing content for free for everybody to enjoy. And, as we struggle to come to terms with the current state of affairs, it’s these things that are keeping us going.

From Ivy League schools providing free access to their most popular courses to singers offering free live performances on Instagram, there’s a lot of stuff that’s free and accessible out there on the internet that wasn’t a few weeks ago. Looking to take a class online during the coronavirus crisis? Here are some of the best places to find them all.

Free Educational Courses


For years, edX has been offering learners all over the world the chance to audit courses given at popular universities. From Yale and Harvard to universities in Australia, Asia and beyond, you can access over 2,5000 courses on pretty much any topic. You’ll find that they offer them from over 140 different higher education institutions and they even have them in different languages.

Khan Academy

With children switching over to online distance learning, you’ll likely find that they might need a little extra help in certain areas. Without a physical teacher present to help during the school day, many students are struggling to find ways to learn the material they need to learn. Lucky for them, Khan Academy is offering free online courses, lessons and practice videos to supplement their learning.

Class Central

Class Central is less of an educational platform and more of a place where you can find lots of courses in one place. The founder has recently taken it upon himself to compile a list of over 400 classes from Ivy League schools such as Princeton, Yale, and Columbia. You can learn Gamification, The Science of Well-Being and even learn coding to help make apps that might better serve people during quarantine or self-isolation.

Rosetta Stone

Taking time to learn a new skill or take up a new hobby during self-isolation is a great way to ensure your mind stays agile during the crisis. And, what better skill to learn than learning a new language? Famous language learning company Rosetta Stone is offering three months free for students during the coronavirus pandemic to learn a language of their choice.

Free Fitness Classes


Peloton is offering new users a 90-day trial on its app. Seeing as customers can’t visit their showrooms until at least the end of March (likely longer now), they’re producing more content and adding it to their platform. And, their workouts are varied and don’t require you to own a Peloton-branded treadmill or bike.


If you’ve ever wanted to try P90X then now’s the time. Beachbody is offering many of their fitness programs free for 14 days. This includes the P90X series, Insanity and PiYo. These are a great option for those looking for something that’s more high-intensity but might not have the at-home equipment that some other programs require.

Golds Gym

From now until the end of May you can currently access Goldsamp for free. It’s the official app of the famous Goldy Gym and it’s filled with over 600 audio and video workouts plus lots of great playlists to help you make it through a workout at home with ease.

Saving For Future Classes

Unfortunately, these classes won’t always be free. Eventually, the world will heal and life will go back to (somewhat) normal. Take advantage of free classes online during the coronavirus crisis now. And, as you do so, begin to plan for your financial future, which will likely include having to pay for fitness classes again.

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