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AMC Stubs A-List Review: How To Cancel AMC Subscriptions?

July 27, 2021

The AMC A-List subscription has changed the game for moviegoers who still love the idea of heading into a dark theater to enjoy the smell of popcorn and a big screen to watch the latest movie. It’s why nearly 1 million people have subscribed to the service.

Seeing as just 8% of US adults saying they visit the cinemas quite often, this seems to be the theater’s way of enticing visitors in for a film on the big screen. And, it seems to be worth it until it’s not. 

As more and more people being to watch their finances and find ways to earn more from their money, they’re canceling their subscription services at alarming rates. If that’s you, then we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to cancel an AMC A-List movie theater subscription.

How Much Does An AMC A-List Subscription Cost?

Most people seem to get the AMC movie theater subscription confused with the AMC (American Movie Channel) streaming service. Both are subscription-based, but we’re talking specifically about the AMC Stubs-A-List. And, while it’s not necessarily a streaming service, it is a subscription through AMC where you can go watch movies at AMC theaters.

That’s right, the AMC A-List allows moviegoers to reserve seats for up to three movies per week. You can even choose to see IMAX AMC theater movies if that’s your thing. All you have to do is go online or into their special application and search “AMC near me” to find the nearest theater. Then, you’ll browse AMC movie times and pick the film you want to see.

But, it’ll cost you, of course. Currently, there are three tiers to the AMC Stubs membership. They’ve got an AMC A-List, Premiere Perks, and Insider. With Premiere Perks you get free popcorn and a fountain drink when you visit the theater. With Insider, you get free refills on popcorn plus more savings on other features.

Stubs Insider is free, actually. All you have to do is sign up to access perks like free refills on popcorn! Stubs Premiere is $15 a year. And, the most popular, Stubs A-List, is $19.95 per month. In some parts of the United States, however, you’ll find that it goes up to $21.95 or $23.95 a month. You can complete your AMC Stubs payment easily online and in-app.

Pros & Cons Of An AMC Stubs A-List Theater Subscription

As with any kind of subscription services such as Netflix or Apple TV+, there are pros and cons. From saving money as a family in the long-run to accessing savings you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access, there definitely are positive aspects of an AMC theater subscription. But, we’ve gotta dive into the cons too.

The pros of an AMC subscription include:

  • Cheap movies. If you actually do visit AMC theaters frequently, this AMC subscription service provides you with the chance to see movies for super cheap. At $19.95 per month with the AMC monthly pass, if you take advantage of the perks and watch three movies per week for a total of 12 per month, that comes out to just over $1.50 per movie.
  • Premium concession perks. With an AMC A-List membership, you get 10% back on food and drink purchases, free size upgrades on popcorn and fountain drinks and the chance to jump in priority lines at the box office.
  • Multiple movies in a day. You can see three movies per week but there’s no limit on how many you can see in a day. So, if you want to head in for a triple feature, you can absolutely do so.

And, the cons of an AMC subscription include:

  • Expensive yearly. At $19.95 per month, an AMC Stubs subscription will cost you a total of nearly $240 per year. If you don’t actually go to the movies or don’t have time to then that’s a lot of wasted money you could invest in something else.
  • Few AMC theaters. Depending on where you live in the country you might find that there aren’t any AMC theaters near you. And, if there are, they might not play all of the best movies around.
  • Minimum three-month commitment. Sure, the service is just nearly $20 a month, but they offer plans at three, six and 12 months. This means that the minimum you’ll be required to pay is $60 for a full three months.

How to Cancel Your AMC Stubs A-List Subscription

To cancel an AMC A-List subscription it’s actually pretty easy. There are two options. First, you can call customer service at 1-888-562-4262 and request to cancel your AMC A-List membership. You can cancel at any time without problems and you’ll receive all of your AMC A-List benefits up to the next billing period.

Or, you can visit the AMC contact page.

Once you’re there, scroll down the page to fill in the request form. 

After you submit your request form for canceling the AMC A-List subscription, you will be contacted through the email or phone you left in the form. You’ll unsubscribe from AMC Stubs soon and will be able to continue using your account until the end of your billing cycle.

It’s important to note that once you cancel your AMC A-List membership, you can’t rejoin the service again for six months. So, make sure you’re sure that you don’t want access to the perks and AMC A-List benefits before canceling.

Consider Streaming Alternatives

Subscription fees can be bothersome, but you do have other options than just AMC Stubs that are actually even more convenient than going into the theater. We’ve compared some of the costs of other major online streaming services for you.

Streaming Alternatives

Still want to enjoy movies on the silver screen? Other theaters offer similar subscription services, too. Cinemark Movie Club offers a service for $9.99 per month for one free ticket per month and some other perks like 20% off at concessions and no online reservation fees. Regal Unlimited offers a service for up to $23 per month for unlimited movies at any one of their theaters around the country. Alamo drafthouse, popular for its dine-in services, offers Season Pass for up to $29.99 per month. You can enjoy unlimited movies with the Season Pass (up to one movie per day). 

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