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Does Walmart Accept Google Pay?

July 27, 2021

If you’ve taken a look at our article on Google Pay vs. Samsung Pay vs. Apple Pay then you’re likely familiar with the features and functions of digital wallet apps (if you’re not, head on over to that article first!). Now, back to the question at hand about Google Pay specifically: Does Walmart accept Google Pay?

Walmart is a popular retail company with over 10,000 stores globally, so you’d expect them to adopt current digital payment technologies, right? Right! 

Walmart has made it increasingly convenient for customers by accepting various different payment methods. They’ve even started looking to hire crypto experts, which hints at a move towards offering crypto products but also, perhaps, a move towards even accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

But, let’s not get sidetracked. Let’s walk you through what Google Pay is, dive into Walmart’s own proprietary payment app, and answer the question of whether or not they accept Google Pay.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is a new way to pay for things with your phone at places like CVS, Whole Foods, and even Taco Bell with just one tap. It's simple and easy, as long as you have the right device (learn more about Google Pay compatibility here).

In general, to use Google Pay, you’ll need to have an Android device running KitKat or higher and the Google app. You can also use mobile phones running iOS 11+ (but things get tricky there, so if you’re an iPhone user, it might be best to continue to use Apple Pay).

Google Pay has a lot of benefits-you get to choose which card you want to pay with, it's secure because your actual card number isn't shared when making transactions on your phone, and in some cases you even earn points from using Google Pay.

What is Walmart Pay?

Walmart Pay, as the name might suggest, is a new way to pay for purchases at Walmart. It's available in 450 Walmart stores and online. You can use it anywhere you see the "Pay with your phone" or "Walmart Pay" buttons on the Walmart app, website, or in the store checkout lanes. 

Walmart Pay, like other payment apps, including Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay, allows you to link a debit card, credit card, or (in the case of just Walmart Pay), Walmart MoneyCard balances.

To pay in-store using the Walmart Pay app, you simply have to scan your items at checkout, open the Walmart Pay app and scan the QR code on the register.

Does Walmart Accept Google Pay?

Unfortunately, no. Walmart doesn’t currently accept Google Pay. And, not just that, but according to their website, they don't have any plans of rolling out support for that service either. And, they don’t currently accept Apple Pay or Samsung Pay either.

However, if you're looking for an alternative way of paying at your local Walmart, you can download Walmart Pay and connect your qualifying card or bank account via one of their accepted payment methods.

Because Walmart has its own digital payment app, it’s unlikely that they’ll start to accept competitor payment apps unless demand grows significantly.

What’s an Alternative to Google Pay?

If you’re checking out at Walmart and are looking for a quick, seamless experience then we recommend downloading the Walmart Pay app. However, the only drawback is that you obviously can’t use that app anywhere else aside from Walmart.

Google Pay, in general, is one of the best digital wallet apps given how easy it is to download and use and the fact that Google is a pretty well-known brand worldwide (whereas Apple and Samsung aren’t as widely used in places outside of North America and Europe; Xiaomi is the No. 1 brand in India, for example, and Huawei is the No. 1 brand in China).

If you’re looking for an alternative to Google Pay to use outside of your visits to Walmart, check out either Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, depending on which phone brand you use. However, if you’re not looking for a full digital wallet and just want to be able to enjoy digitally using a rewards-optimized debit card, definitely check out Cheese.

Get a Cheese Debit Card

With the Cheese Debit Card, you can earn cashback, earn money when you refer friends, and even access early direct deposit features to get paid up to 2 days early. Plus, when you create your account and complete the registration process, you’ll automatically gain access to your virtual Cheese Debit Card (a physical one will arrive in the mail later).

But, that’s not all. Check out the other perks:

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Download Cheese today on the Google Play Store or on the App Store. It’s free and easy to use.

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