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Low-Cost Beauty Hacks You Can Find on Amazon

Is it any surprise that Amazon nabbed the top spot for cosmetic sales? Probably not.

As an aficionado of beauty products, you’re probably accustomed to the world of online shopping, especially on Amazon.


We bet that you’re often scouring the internet for the best beauty deals and ordering more than you might need as the temptation of free shipping lures you in each time.


In fact, Amazon has probably pulled you into an endless rabbit hole of online shopping on more than one occasion, which is why we’re here to let you in on a few money-saving beauty hacks from the major marketplace that can help you invest more of your time and money back into yourself. 

Low-Cost Beauty Hacks You Can Find on Amazon

Sign Up for Amazon Prime

Regardless of what beauty products you’re buying, you’ll get more for your money with Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping. 


This yearly subscription service gives members free two-day shipping on orders of any size, plus extra free content such as streaming videos and apps. 


Even if you don’t intend to use it for the full year, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial and reap the benefits of free shipping on all your beauty products. Now that’s what we call smart financial planning.

Try an Amazon Dash Button

These nifty buttons are designed to make life easier on you, and while they come in many different categories, the beauty one is full of great brands such as Garnier, Burt’s Bees, RoC and more.


The idea is that the button, which is Wi-Fi activated, reorders your favorite product with the press of a button. Each button is connected to a product of your choice, which is selected through the Amazon App on your smartphone when you set it up.


This is one of the best saving tips for students or for those who constantly run out of everyday items such as their favorite shampoo, moisturizer, or lip balm. 


The best part? The button only costs $4.99 to purchase and after your first “press,” you’ll receive a $4.99 credit, meaning the product actually pays for itself!

Subscribe & Save

With Amazon’s Subscribe & Save Program you can save up to 15% on regularly ordered items across many different categories, including beauty products. 


All you have to do is choose the quantity and schedule that works for you, create your subscription, and enjoy free shipping each time your products arrive. 


As an added bonus, you can save up to 15% when receiving five or more different products in a single month to a single address if you sign up for auto-deliveries.


The beauty and personal care section is full of useful items such as makeup remover facial wipes, razors, shampoo, coconut oil, and more. 

Sign Up for CamelCamelCamel

If you sign up for CamelCamelCamel, you’ll be notified when the price of something you’re tracking drops or when your target price is reached. 


It makes online shopping so much easier, especially for beauty products that can fluctuate so much in price across different platforms. 


This free Amazon price tracker is great for the savvy shopper who has time to wait before purchasing that new matte lipstick or contouring kit.

Save More Money, Purchase More Beauty Products

The best low-cost beauty hack we can give you? Save more money so that you can spend more money!


Do the money tips and tricks above sound great but have you thinking, “I need to save money if I’m going to purchase all of these cosmetics products.”


If so, then it’s okay. That’s what we’re here for. We want to help you get more out of your money by investing it back.


Yes, we know that has nothing to do with beauty products. But, your debit card should also work to help you save money and earn your cashback.

Cheese Debit Card
Cheese Debit Card

Cheese Debit Card has no fees and it’s full of benefits, like saving bonus and cashback on every purchase.

Ready to start saving cheese? Sign up for your Cheese debit card.

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