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PNC Bank Wire Transfer Fees and Instructions

July 27, 2021

At Cheese, it’s our goal to provide you with helpful, useful information that allows you to better navigate your financial life. So, we’ve developed resources that allow you to learn about monthly banking fees and, more specifically, a comprehensive review of the online banking services you can enjoy with PNC Bank.

When it comes time to transfer cash to someone else, however, whether they live in the United States or are currently abroad, you’ll definitely need to understand how to navigate PNC Bank’s online checking and services in order to send the cash. How much are PNC Bank’s wire transfer fees and how do you send a wire transfer through PNC Bank? We’ve got the answers for you.

What Are the Wire Transfer Fees at PNC Bank?

PNC Wire Transfer Fees

To complete this transfer, you usually need the name of the recipient, their bank name, account number, and pickup details. Depending on the banks that both the sender and the recipient use, it’s possible to initiate a wire transfer via the bank itself. Or, it can be done through a third-party money transfer service such as Western Union. And, there are almost always fees involved, both for incoming and outgoing transfers both internationally and domestically.

International Wire Transfer Fees at PNC Bank

Like every other major bank, initiating or receiving a PNC Bank wire transfer incurs a fee. And, you’ll note that the PNC Bank wire transfer fees are amongst some of the most expensive. The PNC Bank international wire transfer fee is:

  • Incoming foreign wire transfers are $15 per transaction
  • Outgoing foreign wire transfers are $45 per transaction

Domestic Wire Transfer Fees at PNC Bank

Want to make a PNC Bank wire transfer to another account within the United States? It’s possible but definitely more costly than at other banks in the United States. The PNC Bank domestic wire transfer fee is:

  • Incoming domestic wire transfer fees are $15 per transaction
  • Outgoing domestic wire transfer fees are $30 per transaction
  • Outgoing domestic wire transfers that are performed over the phone (i.e. if you’re unable to go into a physical branch) will cost $45 per transaction

You can also transfer money with your PNC Bank account by using Zelle, a money transfer app that’s integrated into the PNC Bank online banking system. It’s free for most users (depending on the bank of the recipient) and is a great alternative to a traditional wire transfer. Again, the ability to complete a transfer via Zelle or any other money transfer app depends on the bank of the recipient, how much you’re sending, and where the bank is located.

Wire Transfer Policies and Limits at PNC Bank

Are there wire transfer limits at PNC Bank? Yes, and they’re actually quite high compared to other banks. Currently, there aren’t any limits for either domestic or international wire transfers. However, there is a $100 minimum limit when sending an international wire transfer.

If you’ve decided to use Zelle (as mentioned above, it’s integrated into the PNC app and PNC mobile banking), the transfer limit is currently $1,000 per day or $5,000 per month. There are no limits to how much money you can receive through Zelle.

In terms of policies and other things to know about PNC Bank wire transfers, you’ll likely need to know certain information to complete the transfer, such as the bank’s SWIFT code, bank address, and more. Here is some helpful information:

  • Bank Name: PNC Bank NA
  • SWIFT code for incoming wires: PNCCUS33
  • Bank address:


222 Delaware Avenue,

Wilmington, DE 19899

The wire transfer routing number for PNC Bank actually varies depending on where the closest branch is located. It’s best to use the Find Your Routing Number feature they’ve provided for their customers to find out your routing number. The beneficiary account number can be found by accessing your PNC bank account online or via the PNC Bank app.

How to Send Wire Transfers Through PNC Bank

How to Send PNC Wire Transfers Online

Unfortunately, PNC Bank doesn’t allow you to complete wire transfers online. This means that to make an international or domestic wire transfer, you’ll have to visit your local PNC Bank branch or perform the transfer over the phone at 1-888-PNC-BANK (outgoing domestic transfers only).

If you’ve got Zelle, however, and so does the sender or recipient of the transfer, you are able to complete a transfer online. Sign in to the Zelle platform or access the feature via the PNC Bank mobile app. All you’ll need to complete this transfer is the recipient’s email address or mobile number.

How to Send PNC Bank Wire Transfers Offline

To initiate a wire transfer via PNC Bank, you’ll need to visit your local branch. Follow these steps to ensure the transfer will be sent without problems:

  • Request a Wire Transfer Request from an employee at your local PNC Bank physical location.
  • Fill out the form at the bank and let the employee know whether you’re going to send a domestic or international wire transfer.
  • The employee will process the request for you and give you a receipt for the transaction. Keep this receipt just in case there are issues with the transfer (especially if it’s international).

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