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What to Do If My Stimulus Check Hasn't Arrived?

We’ve got some answers to your questions and a step-by-step guide of what to do if you’re still waiting for your stimulus check to arrive via direct deposit or in the mail.

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Coronavirus Good News This Weekend [Apr. 11-Apr.13]

Who else here is feeling a bit overwhelmed by the constant stream of dire news on TV and social media nowadays? Here are the top stories from the past week that’ll make indulging in some good news amidst the coronavirus crisis a whole lot easier.

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3 Industries That Are Thriving in the Coronavirus Crisis

Here are three industries that are thriving throughout the coronavirus crisis and social distancing. They’ll all be tasked with helping stimulate the economy once things get a little bit better.

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How to Defer Mortgage/Rent Payments Due to Coronavirus? 5 Quick Facts to Know.

It’s common news now that most Americans will be receiving a one-time $1,200 through the Trump administration’s $2 trillion stimulus relief package to help American businesses and individuals get through the coronavirus pandemic.However, that’s not nearly enough for most people to pay their rent or make mortgage payments. You can check out our resource page on how to get mortgage relief during the coronavirus crisis, but here are five other ways to defer your payments.

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5 Ways to Get Coronavirus Mortgage Relief

Forget about using a mortgage calculator to find out how much you’re going to owe in the coming months. Coronavirus mortgage relief is available, and both the Federal Housing Finance Agency and local mortgage companies are working together to ensure you make it through this crisis.

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Everything You Need to Know About Trump's Stimulus Check Program

Last week, the United States House and Senate passed a $2 trillion stimulus relief package to help American businesses and individuals get through the coronavirus pandemic. How much money will you receive? When will you receive it? Do you have to pay taxes on the stimulus check you receive in 2020? These are all valid questions. And, we’re here to help you make sense of the answers.

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