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10 Great Educational YouTube Channels for Virtual Learning

July 27, 2021

Schools around the country are delaying the start of the 2020 school year or switching to virtual learning for the time being. As a kid, that probably sounds pretty great! As a parent, it likely induces the pandemic panic you felt in March when kids were first sent home.

By now, you’ve probably learned a bit about at-home learning, have developed a few techniques for getting your kids to sit still and listen, and might even be excited to take over the teaching for a while.

Whatever your situation is, educational YouTube channels can help you get the semester started. Here are our top ten picks for the best YouTube channels for virtual learning this semester.

Best Educational YouTube Channels

1. TED-Ed

As a parent turned at-home teacher, there are few resources that are more comprehensive than TED-Ed. The platform offers animated Ted Talks for kids that are engaging in a way that makes learning actually fun. On top of that, you can also enjoy their lesson planning feature, which allows you to create a full lesson out of a video, complete with quizzes and questions to facilitate the learning process.

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2. CrashCourse

The CrashCourse team has produced high-quality, informative videos in 32 different subject areas. And, whereas Ted-Ed is a great place for more abstract learning, CrashCourse is your go-to spot for learning the basics. From chemistry and European history to engineering and even lessons surrounding finance for children, this is one of the best educational YouTube channels for older kids in need of, well, a crash course.

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3. Khan Academy

Without a physical teacher present to help during the school day, many students are struggling to find ways to learn the material they need to learn. Lucky for them, Khan Academy is offering free online courses, lessons, and practice videos to supplement their learning. Khan Academy is a great educational resource for parents amid COVI-19 as they also regularly upload video interviews with prominent people in the world.

Khan Academy
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4. asapSCIENCE

Not everybody’s brain is wired to understand science (or enjoy it for that matter). If your creative child is virtually learning from home in 2020 and needs help with science homework, this is easily one of the best educational YouTube channels for them. Rather than providing videos that are structured like a lesson, these explain complex scientific concepts in fun and easy ways that children can get excited about. However, they’re better for older children ages 13 and up.

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5. National Geographic Kids

For the adventurers and historians at heart, few YouTube channels for kids beat the good ole National Geographic. Older children will enjoy exploring regular National Geographic videos (they’re also offering immersive, virtual tours too) while younger kids can enjoy learning from the National Geographic Kids videos. Join the Explorer Academy and head off on fun fictional adventures.

National Geographic Kids
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6. Sick Science

If you have hands-on learners in your household then you’re definitely going to want to check out the Sick Science YouTube channel. It’s home to sick science experiments that truly any kid will love. And, it’s a great way for parents to learn about how to plan an at-home science experiment. Slime, anyone?

Sick Science
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7. HowStuffWorks

HowStuffWorks is an educational YouTube channel that works to “satiate the curiosity” of viewers, as they say. This channel is perfect for curious older children and teens who are interested in gaining insight into real-world problems. Recently, they’ve posted videos about how contract tracing works, for example, or in the past, a video about why people talk weird in old movies.

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8. Easy Languages

Virtual learning still means that your little ones are going to have to practice their language skills. And, unlike math or history class, it’s likely that you don’t know anything about French or Cantonese. Easy Languages is a great learning resource for kids learning a new language as they upload videos from the streets of countries around the world. They walk you through idioms and other great language-based things your kid will need to know in order to be fluent.

Easy Languages
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9. Make Me Genius

Younger kids in their early years of grade school will absolutely love the Make Me Genius YouTube channel. These animated videos use simple language to introduce basic themes and subjects that young learners need to know, such as the basics of what an atom is, an introduction to the muscular system, and even a cool video about bugs.

Make Me Genius
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10. PBS KIDS for Parents

If you’re going to be helping teach your children from home this fall, it’s best that you arm yourself with tips, lessons, and fun experiments to help make at-home learning more bearable than it was in the spring. PBS KIDS for Parents is a great educational YouTube channel for learning how to engage in activities such as making slime, making invisible ink, or learning how to DIY your own lava lamp. Pretty cool, right?

PBS KIDS for Parents
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