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10 Remote Summer Internship Ideas for 2020

July 27, 2021

One recent report suggests that as many as 35% of internships could be completely canceled this summer due to government lockdowns and social distancing measurements that companies are taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19. While some are canceling internships all together, others are getting creative and offering online or remote internships for summer 2020.

If your internship has been affected, it’s important to understand that it doesn’t spell the end of the road for you in terms of gaining real-world experience, making valuable connections, and learning skills you need to advance in your career. Remote internships offer different ways to learn and connect with others in your industry, too.

Not sure where to look or what to do if you’re just beginning your remote summer internship search for summer 2020? We’ve got ten great ideas for remote internships for college students that you can take advantage of to turn a less than ideal situation into a great learning opportunity for 2020.

Best Remote Summer Internship Ideas for 2020

1. Google

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It doesn’t really matter what industry you’re in, a Google internship looks great on your resume. And, even during a global pandemic, you can still participate in the coveted Google internship program summer 2020. For summer and fall 2020, Google internships are going online. They’re accepting applications for positions in business, technology, engineering, and more. Make sure to double-check whether or not the position is remote as not all of them are.

2. Facebook University

FB Univ.
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Sure, you might not be able to experience the thrill and prestige that is working at Facebook as an intern for summer 2020. But, you can participate in the next best thing: Facebook University. The program’s website notes that it’s an “immersive internship program that gives interns across roles in engineering, analytics, product design, operations, and sales and advertising the opportunity to make a real impact and help redefine how the world connects.”

3. Chegg

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If you’re a college student then chances are you absolutely know what Chegg is. And, they’re dedicated to helping you through this unprecedented time. They’ve aggregated hundreds of remote and virtual summer internships for college students in one place that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. Search open virtual internships via their platform and filter by industry, type, or even duration.

4. Wells Fargo

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Finance majors are in luck as numerous banks and financial institutions are offering remote finance internships for summer 2020. Wells Fargo seems to be the bank with the most robust internship program as its 2020 Summer Financial Analyst Program is currently still open for remote interns interested in commercial banking and technology experience. Citizens Bank, PwC, and others are all accepting applications for remote finance internships, too.

5. Amazon

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Like Google and Facebook, Amazon is another major company that college students flock to when it comes time to snag a summer internship. Their prized internship program will be partially remote this year with a position such as a Systems Engineer Intern currently still accepting applications. Because Amazon is such a large corporation, we’d suggest checking out their Amazon Intern page or checking out their work-from-home positions that you might qualify for.

6. SAP

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According to WayUP, the SAP Internship Experience Project is SAP’s global, paid internship program that provides university students with the opportunities to find purpose in their careers. And, this year, they’re going fully remote with it! It’s the perfect remote internship opportunity for those majoring in Computer Sciences or a related field and you’ll get to meet with mentors, gain cross-functional skills, and gain hands-on experience as you solve real-world technical issues.

7. Women’s Republic

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Interested in gaining writing or publishing experience this summer? Women’s Republic is offering a remote summer internship where you can create valuable content for the inclusive online magazine platform. They’re dedicated to providing women, gender-expansive, and queer folks a place to educate and empower themselves. You’ll get to write multiple articles a week, attend bi-monthly staff meetings, and learn your way around WordPress.

8. Startup Internships

If you’re interested in learning the ropes as an entrepreneur, there’s really no better way to get started than by joining a startup as a summer intern. Angel List has compiled a pretty great list of the best virtual startup internships for summer 2020 with positions in companies based all across the country and even abroad in places like Europe and Asia. From developers to social media interns and even designers, these small startups are looking for talent in many areas.

9. PAC-12 Networks

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It’s unclear when professional sports will resume. However, PAC-12 Networks is still offering a remote legal intern position this summer. To apply, must be a 2L or 3L law student. You’ll get the chance to perform research in a variety of different areas across the sports media industry as well as attend and assist in department meetings and training sessions.

10. Neighborhood Rescue of America

Neighborhood Rescue of America: Read reviews and ask questions ...
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If you’re planning a career in the non-profit sector or simply want to gain valuable work experience while giving back to the local community this summer, check out Neighborhood Rescue of America. They’re a non-profit organization that aims to create safer environments for children and even pets in at-risk communities all over the country. Currently, they’re looking for virtual research and marketing interns.