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How to Save $1000 on Gas Per Year? 25 Effortless Tips Will Help!

July 27, 2021

The price of gas has been rising over the last decade and the $3-a-gallon gasoline has long gone. In October 2019, gas prices in California reached the highest level in five years, and the average price exceeds $4.1 in California. Unfortunately, according to AAA, the price of gas has not reached its peak yet, and it will not go down much.

Don’t panic. Here are 25 tips on how to save on fuel costs and they don’t need much effort. These 25 tips will help you become a smart consumer and save you $1000 on gas annually.

Choose a Car Wisely

1. Consider Buying Electric Cars or Hybrid Vehicles

There are many electric cars and hybrid vehicles of diverse brands that can save you from worrying about gas costs.

2. Choose a Car with ECO Mode

Also, cars with economical mode (ECO Mode) can also help to maximize the mileage efficiency per gallon of oil. 

3. Get a Fuel-efficient Car

Some fuel-efficient cars can get 40 miles per gallon. 

Drive Wisely

4. Drive Less Whenever Is Possible

Walking instead of driving for nearby pick-ups, and using bicycles for short distance will definitely help you cut the expense on gas.  Arrange your trips and combine multiple errands into one so you don’t have to repeat unnecessary drives.

5. Plan Your Route Ahead

Choose the best route to avoid traffic if possible. Also, choosing a route with fewer stop signs and traffic lights will help increase oil efficiency. The shortest route doesn’t equalize the most fuel-efficient route.

6. Use Carpool

Going in the same direction? Carpool together! Using carpool while driving or taking Lyft/Uber can not only save you on gas but also save you from high traffic by going carpool lane.

7. Warm Up Your Car Shortly

Idling the engine for more than 1 minute will cost you unnecessary gas and increase greenhouse emissions. Modern cars do not require long-time warm ups even if it’s a cold day.

8. Drive Steady

Braking excessively and driving fast waste gas. Driving steadily and keeping a safe distance from the front car will help decrease the fuel consumption. 

9. Stop the Engine While Waiting 

Idling is one of the most significant reasons for gasoline waste. If you are waiting for someone or waiting for the train to cross, turn off the engine.

10. Keep Windows Closed

Open windows and sunroofs, unused racks and carriers will increase the wind resistance and  cause your car to use more gas.

11. Turn off the A/C

Don’t keep your A/C running all the time. A/C burns your oil really fast.

Do the Car Maintenance Wisely

12. Keep Your Tires Inflated

Tires Inflated

According to the report, every five pounds per square inch (psi) of tire pressure you lose can translate into a two per cent loss of gas mileage. Keeping your tires inflated and even above the recommended pressure will help maintain a car's optimum fuel consumption.

13. Change the Filter

Clean filters help cars run more fuel-efficiently.

14. Tune the Engine

Get your engine tuned regularly to increase efficiency and decrease oil consumption.

15. Use the Correct Motor Oil

Wrong motor oil can cause engine damage and waste gas.

Fill Up Gas Wisely

16. Fill Up Gas Early or Late in the Day

Gas is more dense while in lower temperature. Go and get the gas early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid getting less because of the low density.

17. Don’t Buy Gas Near the Highway

The price of gas stations, especially those after a long distance, near highways, are always higher. Avoid using those stations if possible to get a more reasonable price.

18. Don’t Wait Until Your Tank Is Almost Empty

If you wait until your tank is almost empty, you’ll have fewer choices but have to fill your tank immediately without comparing prices and driving to the best deal.

19. Use Gas Apps

There are many gas apps that help you find the best price nearby. Using them and filling up wisely will definitely help you save a lot. 

  • GasBuddy. GasBuddy will help you find the cheapest gas near you. It updates prices quickly. Moreover, you can pay on the app to save more.
  • Fuel Finder. It updates data every five minutes and has been rated the best gas price app.
  • AA SmartFuel. Another gas price comparison app you can use to save money.
  • Google Maps. If you have a certain gas brand in your mind, search it on Google Maps. Google Map will show you the gas stations of that brand nearby and prices of regular oil of each station.

20. Say No to the Premium

Premium oil isn’t necessary for most cars and you’re spending more for nothing. Stop using Premium and save up to 40 cents per gallon.

Pay for the Gas Wisely

21. Join the Fuel Rewards Program

Many gas stations offer fuel rewards programs. Ask how to join and follow the rules to save.

22. Use Cash Instead of a Card

Many stations offer lower prices for consumers paying with cash. Leave some cash on your cars to help save money on gas.

23. Use Free or Discounted Gift Cards

You can get free gas gift cards from survey sites and buy discounted gift cards from websites like Raise and Granny.

24. Use a Rewards Credit Card

Use credit cards that pay you cash back when you fuel.

25. Use a Cashback Debit Card

The only cashback debit card Cheese Debit Card will help you save on gas by giving your cash back.

There will be no $3-a-gallon gas any more. These 25 effortless tips will definitely help you to save on gas from day to day life. Choose a car wisely, drive wisely, do a car maintenance wisely, fuel up wisely and pay wisely, and you will spend less and save more without waiting for the price to drop.