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5 Great Payday Loan Apps for Accessing Quick Cash

July 27, 2021

A National Survey on Financial Well-Being reported that more than 40% of American adults have trouble making ends meet. And, if you’ve been affected by the coronavirus crisis and are experiencing unemployment or perhaps other financial hardships then you might find yourself having an especially hard time making ends meet. That’s okay; it’s what we’re here for.

From helping you learn how to save more during a pandemic to teaching you to create a recession-resistant investment plan, we’ve got the financial tips and tricks you’ll need to make it out of this crisis financially healthier than ever. And, today we’re here to help you learn how to access quick cash.

Payday loans are a great way to receive advance, emergency cash that you’ve already or will eventually earn. This makes it different from auto loans in that you’re basically receiving an advance as opposed to putting anything physical up for collateral. And, now there are apps that can help you receive and track your cash. Check out our picks for five of the best payday loan apps in 2020.

Best Payday Loan Apps in 2020

1. Earnin

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We spoke about Earnin in our article on how to access emergency money. And, it’s easily one of the best payday loan apps to download in 2020. Their philosophy is that “you should be able to access your pay whenever you’ve done the work.” Essentially, you’re giving the app permission to track when you go to and from work to log your hours. After logging your hours, they’ll pay you what you earn before your real paycheck even comes in. It’s totally free, too. Once you get your actual paycheck, Earnin simply deducts the money you’ve already taken from the paycheck. So, keep that in mind when spending and plan accordingly.

2. Brigit

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We’d actually suggest Brigit for use if you’re looking for a great budgeting and personal finance app to see you through the pandemic. However, it does more than just allow you to track and manage your expenses. Through Brigit, you can access up to $250 delivered to your account within one minute, no credit check, or hidden fees. The best part? It acts like a payday loan but they’re not taking it out of your wages. It’s just accessible money you can have deposited for your use immediately. Quick cash doesn’t get much easier than this. You’ll have to show your income to access the cash and meet a few other requirements, but all in all, it’s fairly quick and easy.

3. FlexWage

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FlexWage, when compared to apps like Chime and Brigit, is definitely more centered around operating as a traditional payday loan. Through this app, you can access earned wages before you’re set to be paid for them. Track your money through the app and then sign up for the OnDemand Pay, PayCard, or Flex Pay card. The Flex Pay card will deposit your tips instantly into your pay card at closeout, ensuring you don’t have to wait to spend the cash you earn each day. Or, you can use the OnDemand Pay to request an advance. However, it’s up to each individual employer to decide how often that feature is available. Speak with them to figure out how much the limit is on payday advances.

4. Dave

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Think of Dave as your friend. You know, a friend who can spot you some quick, extra cash when you’re really in need. Basically, the app operates as an online bank, requiring that you open a Dave checking account to get started. Once you do, you’ll be eligible to receive 0% interest cash advances up to $100. Do this when you’re in a pinch and they’ll approve the loan advance automatically without any credit check required. Once you get paid, they’ll simply deduct the loan amount from your paycheck and deposit the rest. Dave comes with a minimal fee of $1 per month and is set up to act like a real checking account, which might be a hassle for those who already bank elsewhere.

Saving More Without Payday Loans

Nearly every single person in the country right now is struggling to get their finances in order as we prepare to battle the economic downturn that will follow as the pandemic begins to pass and we adjust to a new normal. And, if you find yourself in need of a payday loan, it’s great to know that you’ve got options.

However, payday or even auto loans aren’t your only option when it comes to saving more and accessing easy money. The Cheese Debit Card comes with zero banking fees on top of cashback and saving bonus whenever you spend. It’s an easy way to manage your money during the pandemic and ensure that you don’t need to look for emergency cash in the future.

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