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6 Affordable Options for a Sustainable Autumn

July 27, 2021

Autumn is one of the most colorful times of the year, rivaled only by the bright pastels of spring. It also rivals spring in terms of cleaning, both inside and outside of your home. If you’re one of the millions of people who take advantage of the cooling effects of autumn to clean out your home for a second time this year, then you’re not alone. However, you should think about going green this fall.

Over the past decade, eco-friendly products have blossomed in popularity, and public awareness of the need to protect the environment by carefully considering your purchases has skyrocketed. Many different products and companies have begun producing items that are high-quality, a good value for their money, and support sustainable objectives. 

When you’re considering what to buy to clean this fall, make sure to consider how long the product will last before you need to replace it, as well as its impact on your own and others’ own health.

Support Sustainability with Reusable Bottles

A major way you can support sustainability with a relatively low-cost purchase is to switch from disposable plastic bottles to reusable bottles. This is the ultimate “save money, live better” tip we can offer. It’s so easy to do, too.

There are many manufacturers of reusable water bottles, so be sure to pay attention to the materials used in the bottle. If the bottle is made of plastic, make sure it is certified to be BPA-free. If the bottle is made of stainless steel or aluminum, check to see if it is recycled. 

 Most bottles are less than $40, but if you are seeking further discounts, check for sales on the manufacturer’s website. S’Well, for instance, discounts bottle designs that are being discontinued. Many popular brands, such as S’Well and BKR, also donate a portion of their sales to sustainable clean water causes. 

Care for Your Skin and the Environment

For the beauty shopper who’s rehauling their skincare regime just in time for the drier, cooler autumn months, try Lush.

This popular beauty brand sells affordable, natural cosmetics as well as bath and body products that even smell like Halloween. The best part? They’re all 100% vegetarian and not tested on animals.

 Lush also encourages customers to recycle their containers by offering a free face mask for every fifth container returned. 

Environmental-Friendly Fall Cleaning

If you are doing some fall cleaning after a hot, wet summer, it may be time to consider more environmentally-conscious cleaners. 

 Seventh Generation offers a wide range of consumer cleaning products that have set new industry standards in using safe and natural cleaning ingredients that biodegrade naturally and do not contaminate water or soil. 

 The company’s products also come in recycled packaging to minimize the impact of cleaning on the planet.

Reduce Waste with Your Fall Jacket

For nature and outdoor sports lovers, Patagonia is well-known for producing high quality outdoor wear, as well as emphasizing reducing waste and consumption. 

The company helps customers repair instead of replace their Patagonia items, and they even have a website selling pre-worn, good condition Patagonia clothing. There are many fall options available online, including dresses and pullovers, as well as hiking boots and light jackets if you want to get outside and enjoy the beauty of the changing colors before it gets too cold.

 For any purchase, if you purchase a high-quality product that you know you will not need to replace for years, and you plan to try to repair it instead of throwing it away, the decision can be both the more sustainable path environmentally as well as the less expensive one in the long run.

Artisanal Tote Bags for Back to School

Another way to support sustainability this fall is to purchase products that fund environmental and similar causes. 

FEED tote bags are created by artisans in various developing nations under fair labor practices using environmentally sustainable fabric and materials. 

In addition to supporting artisan labor and minimizing disposable bag use, sales on these bags (as well as purses, diaper bags, and clutches) support a mission to purchase school lunches for students in impoverished areas. 

 They usually offer a 10% coupon for new customers and now have various different products, including weekender duffle bags and cosmetic bags. Perfect for a fall getaway or road trip back home from college.

Trendy Shoes that Support Sustainability

Finally, TOMS shoes are known for donating one pair of shoes to a developing nation along with each purchase.

 But, the company also supports sustainability by funding safe drinking water initiatives and establishing water systems in developing countries that provide a safe and self-sufficient water supply to residents.

Give Back to Yourself This Fall

Engaging in sustainable practices is an important part of caring for our planet. However, you can’t forego caring for yourself, too. While you’re busy fighting climate change and investing in the future of our Earth, we want to give a little back to you.

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