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7 Life Hacks Save You $1,298.75 a Year on Daily Stuff

July 27, 2021

Yes, we all have to spend money on utilities, groceries, phone bills, and other necessities monthly even weekly, but why don’t you choose these services to lower your costs on these rigid demands?

Cut down $140 on average from your utility bill annually through Arcadia


Arcadia automatically matches your utility with clean energy sources such as wind and solar energy and ensures you’re getting the lowest rates. It’s a free hack that can reduce up to 5% of your monthly energy bill while helping you and your community benefit from renewable energy. Connect your utility account to Arcadia, and claim your $10 now. 

Start with Arcadia

Get 5 free easy cooking meals from Hellofresh 


Hellofresh combines healthy eating with convenience and introduces a more modern, relevant approach to meal planning and shopping. Having all the ingredients delivered-to-door, you can save tons of time and money on cooking. Get $60 off on your first three boxes from Hellofresh with free shipping now.

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Lower your phone bills by switching to Tello


Tello Mobile is the most flexible US carrier, offering a variety of prepaid phone plans without contracts and fees. Paying too much on your phone bills? Turn to Tello Mobile and start from $20 per month. 

Switch to Tello Mobile Now

Cleaning with Blueland because refill is the new recycle 


Blueland creates everyday eco-friendly cleaning products to save you money and space, without any plastic waste. With $2 tablet cleaner and soaps, all you need to prepare are just bottles and tap water (which are basically free)! Choose Blueland and stop wasting your money on packaging and extras anymore. 

Purchase Refills from Blueland

Use Dollar Shave Club to get rid of the pink tax

Dollar Shave Club
Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club makes getting a great shave easy and affordable. By filling out a short survey, you can customize the stuff in your own kits and the frequency of the delivery starting from $5. No need to spend too much money on shaving and grooming products as long as you use Dollar Shave Club

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Coffee lovers, get a free bag of coffee beans from Aroma


Aroma Coffee is a coffee subscription. Grabbing a coffee at Starbucks could be easy but making your own coffee can actually save over a thousand dollars a year. With Aroma Coffee’s Stay at Home Special Offer, you can get 4 custom gourmet blends no more than 25 dollars. Not sure whether you will like Aroma Coffee or not? No worries. You can get 2 bags now by paying just for 1 bag. Give it a try.

Choose Your Favorite Blends on Aroma Now

Use Cheese Debit Card to pay everything above 

Cheese Debit Card is the best zero-fee debit card that’s optimized to earn you cashback on each purchase. While this isn’t a direct way to lower your expenses, it is a way to earn money on all your necessary purchases each month. 

Cheese is now partnering with Arcadia to give out a $10 offer for connecting your utility bill. Using Cheese Debit Card to pay your power bill through Arcadia can actually earn you more cheddar! 

Sign up Cheese and Enjoy the Money

These 7 hacks are not big but can actually earn you tons of money. Start small, and get your finances under control without sacrificing your basic necessities.