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6 of the Best Paid Survey Sites for Money and Gift Cards

July 27, 2021

According to studies, if you’re able to commit to taking a few surveys every single day you can potentially earn quite a bit of extra cash each month. Paid online surveys are actually one of the best ways to earn easy money on the side of a regular job or freelance hustle.

With most companies offering between $1 and $5 per survey, and some paying upwards of $20 per survey, it’s pretty easy to see why it’s such a popular way to make extra money. You’ll find that certain companies offer cash for paid online surveys while others compensate you in the form of gift cards.

So, how do you choose? We took the time to review five of the best paid survey sites to earn money or gift cards online. These are the sites that are not only reputable but tend to pay their survey takers the most money. Get ready to start saving in order to reach your financial goals.

Best Paid Surveys for Money

1. SwagBucks

Perhaps one of the most well-known paid survey sites for money, SwagBucks offers quite a few other ways to make money online as well. Through this unique online platform, you can get free gift cards for answering paid surveys, completing polls, and more. Seriously, they’ll pay you just for surfing the web or even for watching videos. It’s that easy.

And, what makes this it one of the best sites for paid online surveys is that they’ve got a few ways in which they’ll compensate you for your work. First, you can choose to redeem your survey points for cash directly through PayPal. Or, you can earn some pretty sweet gift cards as well. From a Walmart gift card to a gift card for, this list is pretty extensive.


2. MyLead

MyLead is one of the most varied options for making extra money online. The platform not only allows you to earn by filling out surveys but also is a really nice choice for those who want to start promoting affiliate offers. They provide its users with many educational materials such as blog posts, e-books, and video tutorials so that anyone interested in making money is well-prepared to use the platform. The number of forms available varies depending on the experience and credibility of the user, and what’s more important, the more surveys you fill in, the more you can earn.

Mylead Global Affiliate Network

In terms of payout, you can request to get paid for surveys after you’ve earned at least $20. The payment options contain PayPal, Revolut, Skrill, bank transfer, or even Bitcoin. The minimum amount to request a Bitcoin transfer is $200.

3. Survey Junkie

Don’t get the name of this site confused with Survey Monkey. Survey Monkey is the free online platform where you can create surveys, not take them. Survey Junkie, on the other hand, is a great place to earn money taking paid surveys (hence the term paid). Like other sites, you get paid to take surveys.

However, the kinds of surveys for money you’re taking are designed to help brands improve. You’re able to build a profile of the kinds of online surveys you like taking and they’ll send you more like those. For each survey you take, you earn virtual points that you can later redeem for gift cards or in the form of PayPal cash. If you’re looking to increase your Target gift card balance then Survey Junkie is one of the best platforms for you.

Survey Junkie

4. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is one of the more diverse options on this list for making extra money online. They’ll pay you to read branded emails, complete surveys for money, play online games or even shop for your favorite brands. The platform notes that even if you just install the browser plug-in and don’t do much else, you can earn over $50 per year.

In terms of payout, you can request to get paid for surveys with PayPal, gift cards, or even cash. After you’ve earned at least $30 USD you’re able to request payments. So, increase your Walmart gift card balance or even earn more cash for your Visa gift card. The options really are endless. However, we suggest racking up a bit in cash and then redeem your points.

Inbox Dollars

5. MyPoints

With average survey takers earning about $2.50 per survey, MyPoints is one of the most lucrative ways to earn money online by taking surveys. Since they began paying members to take surveys about 20 years ago, they’ve paid out over $230 million in cash and gift cards. And, the platform even offers you a $5 bonus after you’ve taken your first five surveys. What a steal.

You can also earn points just by shopping at your favorite stores. MyPoints members get up to 40% back with every purchase made at top retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot & Amazon. So, if you love shopping then this is one of the best survey and paid shopping sites for you.

My Points

6. SurveyClub

SurveyClub differs a little bit from the other paid survey sites. Sure, you can still earn cash for taking online surveys. But, they also allow you to earn sweepstakes entries and even prizes for your participation on the platform. And, for those looking to go above and beyond (or if you’ve just got some extra time on your hands) you can participate in tons of other opportunities as well.

They’ll send you opportunities that are local to you, such as the chance to participate in product testing, clinical trials, and other similar things. This makes it a great site for those interested in bigger earnings. However, you will have to actually physically go to a lot of these focus groups and testing sites. So, it’s a bit of a trade-off.


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