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Dollar Shave Club Review: How To Cancel the Subscription?

July 27, 2021

Dollar Shave Club went viral back in 2012 with its creative YouTube video marketing their razor subscription service. Now, the company is owned by mega-giant Unilever (which they sold to in a whopping $1 billion deal).

Recently, reports came out stating that the subscription service is still gaining subscribers at a rate of 10% a year and now has nearly 4 million subscribers. But, with millions of people subscribing to the service in return for monthly hauls of razors, not everybody’s going to enjoy the service forever.

So, what happens when you’re ready to cancel your Dollar Shave Club subscription? Great question! Millions of others are asking it, too. So, we’ve developed a step-by-step guide for how to cancel the Dollar Shave Club membership. Save money and invest it in something else.

How Much Does A Dollar Shave Club Subscription Cost?

When the subscription service launched back in 2012, it really was a dollar shave club. You could sign up and get razors sent to your front door for just $1 per month. Now, it’s pretty different. But, they also offer more membership options and products. So, it makes total sense.

When it comes to subscription boxes for men, this is actually one of the cheapest. And, you can choose to try one of their risk-free starter kits for free. You choose what you like and then they’ll send you the full-sized products on a monthly basis thereafter. This includes everything from razors and shaving butter to beard cream and a beard softener.

You choose how often you want to receive the products. Every month? Sure. Only three times a year? Yep, they do that, too. But, how much do beauty subscription boxes like this cost per month? 

Currently, they offer two starter kits in the form of Shaving or Showering. Select one or both, but they all come at different costs. Each starter kit costs $5.00. 

Starter Kits of Dollar Shave Club

If you select just the Shaving kit, your monthly subscription fees will come in at $39.60. But, it includes four razor cartridges, prep scrub, travel shave butter and post-shave dew.

If you select just the Showering kit, your monthly subscription fees will be $20.43 and that includes hair and scalp shampoo, a daily facial cleanser and a 10 oz. body cleanser.

Want both? Tick both of the boxes to get their ultimate kit, which costs $10 for the trial kit and $55.68 for each month after that. It includes everything mentioned in the Shaving kit mentioned above plus everything mentioned in the Showering kit.

Two Starter Kits in One of Dollar Shave Club

Just need razors and nothing fancy? They’ve got an option to get just blades. With three plans, their membership ranges from $4/month for The Humble Twin, $7/month for The 4X (4 stainless steel, 4-blade cartridges) and $10/month for The Executive.

Razors of Dollar Shave Club

Pros & Cons Of A Dollar Shave Club Subscription

Back when you received simple, new razors each month for just a dollar, this was one of the best subscription boxes out there. Now, with more grooming products, scrubs and lots of different options, does it make sense to have a Dollar Shave Club subscription?

Well, the pros of the subscription box include:

  • Convenient access to grooming products. It’s often a hassle to head to the store to get replacement razors and other male grooming products each month. Sometimes the store doesn’t have your favorite product in stock or you just forget. With Dollar Shave Club, the convenience is a huge pro.
  • No hidden costs. We’ve gotta hand it to this beauty subscription box company. They’re super transparent with their customers and provide fantastic customer support. There are never any hidden fees, so you can expect to pay exactly what they say.
  • Fun add-ons. While each plan comes with basic products, you can choose to add or remove products at any time. This means that if you don’t personally need a post-shave dew, you can take it out. That flexibility makes personalization easy.

And, the cons of a Dollar Shave Club subscription include:

  • You get what you pay for. If you opt for just the blades subscription, most users have said that you really pay for what you get. This means that if you pay just $4/month for their two-blade razors, don’t expect high-quality products to arrive.
  • Few shipping customizations. The site itself is a bit confusing to navigate and when it comes to their shipping options for the larger Shaving and Showering kits, it’s sometimes difficult to customize how you’d like.
  • No say over products. Don’t like the smell of the prep scrub or body cleanser they sent along? Tough luck. You don’t get a choice of what you’re getting each month in that sense as their product line is pretty small.

How To Cancel A Dollar Shave Club Subscription

Not feeling the love for the beauty subscription box anymore? We get it. When it comes time to cancel your Dollar Shave Club subscription, you just have to follow a few simple steps.

1. Go into the Membership Settings part of your account (sign in your Dollar Shave Club account if you haven't).

2. Choose Cancel Membership.

3. Select a reason for cancelling.

4. Confirm the cancellation.

It’s that easy.

Cancel Dollar Shave Club Subscription

Manage A Subscription Addiction

Didn’t think Dollar Shave Club was the right subscription service for you but you’re still interested in another grooming or beauty subscription box? There are lots of others out there for you, whether you’re a man or a woman.

Harry’s is the most similar to Dollar Shave Club and costs $8 to $24 a month depending on your plan. Other popular options include the Gilette Shave Club and The Beard Club.

Trying to curb your subscription addiction? If you’re finding that hard to do, just sign up for a debit card that’ll at least help you earn money while you’re spending it.

And yeah, we’re talking about the Cheese debit card. It comes with $0 in monthly fees and lots of opportunities to earn extra cash on your savings. So, you can get razors or other scrubs for a few dollars a month and earn cash back, making the subscription practically pay for itself. Sign up today to get started.