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How to Cancel AT&T TV Subscription?

July 27, 2021

With the rise of subscription culture, people are more likely to enroll in a bunch of subscription services, even though they barely use them. As people are mostly occupied by work, study, and social life, having multiple streaming services seems to waste a lot of money. It is found that those unused subscriptions can actually cost you hundreds of bucks every year!

Cancel Unwanted Subscriptions

What we need to do is to simply cancel the subscription. However, it will never be easy for you to quit their business. Most of the cancellation procedures are well-hidden and sometimes unclear. Thankfully, here is a short guideline for you to cancel your AT&T subscription with little hassle. You can now cancel your AT&T TV service in just 1 minute.

How Much Will AT&T TV Subscription Cost You Per Month

Formerly named as Direct TV,  AT&T TV comes with a modern, small, and lightweight device, which includes HDMI and digital audio outputs for connection to your TV and home audio system. As you subscribe, you will be able to enjoy the best of live TV and sports, 40,000 on-demand titles, and access to apps like Netflix, Pandora and etc.. Also, you will get 500 hours of cloud DVR. Moreover, you can control it all with your voice remotely complete with the Google Assistant. 

AT&T Subscription Price Tiers

AT&T TV set the price at $49.99/month, with 180+ channels available. Based on that, there are three more packages for customers with further needs. In order to use the service, data connection and Google login are required, and for Netflix and Pandora, separate subscriptions and login are required as well. 

AT&T TV’s Pros and Cons


  • All entertainment in one place - cable TV & streaming services all in one;
  • Smart remote control your TV - use your voice to search, record, and everything;
  • Easy self-setup - no satellite dish or appointment needed


  • Expensive subscription fee - highest price among all other streaming services
  • Lots of existing competitors with lower prices - most of the features are similar to YouTube TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick.



Cancel your AT&T TV Subscription

  1. Go to AT&T TV NOW from a web browser, not the app. (If using a mobile device, tap the gear and Account Details.)
  2. Choose Manage subscription.
  3. Select I want to cancel and follow the prompts.
  4. You may also cancel your subscription to AT&T TV service at any time by visiting to chat with an agent or calling 1-800-288-2020.

Heads up:

  • If you cancel AT&T TV service after 7 p.m., they’ll handle your request the next business day.
  • Once you cancel the AT&T TV, you may not be able to get your current package back.


Consider Streaming Alternatives

If you are not a big fan of live TV and sports, it may be more money-saving for you to choose other streaming services:

Streaming Services
Streaming Services

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