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How to Cancel Audible Subscription?

As streaming services developed in a wide variety, the cost of subscriptions of different platforms is consuming your wallet as well. The tempting free trials when you first open the website may cost you hundreds of dollars a year as you may forget to cancel in time. We found that canceling unwanted subscriptions can save you $512 every year on average. 


Cancel Unwanted Subscriptions


However, streaming services don’t always make it easy for you to cancel their subscriptions. Sometimes, procedures for cancellation can be complicated. More often, you may forget to cancel the subscription especially when you are busy since most of them will not remind you. If you miss the time, it may cost you a lot more effort to waive the fee and get your money back, or not. Thankfully, you can cancel your Audible subscription with little hassle.

How Much Will Audible Subscription Cost You Per Month?

Governed by Amazon, Audible provides services to bundle your Amazon prime subscription with Audible so you don’t need to open a new account to enjoy the service. To provide the best experience, Audible offers two memberships options: The Gold Membership costs $14.95 per month and Platinum Membership costs $22.95 per month after a 30 days trial. And you will get an email reminder 7 days before your trial ends.

Audible’s Pros and Cons


  • Learn knowledge and entertain at the same time
  • Books are often read by well-known book narrators, actors, and actresses.
  • Over 180,000 listening titles in a variety of genres
  • Ad-Free Offline Listening
  • Your Books are Yours to Keep even after cancellation
  • Listening everywhere on iOS (Apple iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad), Android, Sonos, Kindle, and Alexa-enabled devices


  • Credits Can Expire
  • Books Can Be Expensive
  • Credits Will Be Lost if You Cancel Your Membership

Cancel Your Audible Subscription

  1. Sign in to Audible account.
Cancel Audible Subscription Step 1
  1. Select the Account Details section
Cancel Audible Subscription Step 2
  1. Under the Membership Section, click the blue Cancel membership botton.
Cancel Audible Subscription Step 3
  1. Click “Finish Canceling” to confirm you want to cancel.
Cancel Audible Subscription Step 4

And there you have it: We are sorry to see you go.  

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