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How to Cancel Hulu Subscription?

July 27, 2021

As streaming services developed rapidly, the cost of subscriptions to different platforms is eating your budget as well. The tempting free trials when you first sign up may cost you hundreds of dollars a year as you may forget to cancel in time. We found that canceling unwanted subscriptions can save you $512 every year on average. As more and more free TV websites are blooming such as ifuntv, korean series TV, and official YouTube channels, streaming platforms are less attractive for international users.

Cancel Unwanted Subscriptions


However, streaming services don’t always make it easy for you to cancel their subscriptions and procedures for cancellation can be complicated. Sometimes, if you miss the time, it may cost you a lot more effort to waive the fee and get your money back, or not. It may be bothersome if you don't know how to cancel Hulu subscription on time. Thankfully, you can cancel your Hulu subscription with little hassle in just 1 minute.

How Much Will Hulu Subscription Cost You Per Month

Unlike traditional cable or satellite TV subscriptions, Hulu provides services to bundle your Hulu subscription with other premium streaming services and partners, like Disney+, ESPN+, Spotify, and Sprint.

To provide better service to customers with different preferences, Hulu offers four levels of service: Hulu with ads ($6.99 per month), Hulu with no ads ($12.99 per month), Hulu with ads plus Live TV, Disney+ and ESPN Plus ($69.99 per month), and Hulu ads free with Live TV, Disney+ and ESPN Plus ($75.99 per month). 

Hulu’s Pros and Cons


  • Good mix of sports, news and entertainment networks, plus local channels
  • Low price. Subscription starts at $6 compared to Netflix and Amazon Prime, both starting at $9 per month. 
  • Update quickly in a day!
  • High quality original content.
  • Bundles and add-ons


  • Frequent commercials
  • Small selections
  • Inconsistent Selections from Older TV Seasons
  • Limited downloading availability. Hulu only added the ability to watch offline in October 2019. It currently only lets you download on iOS and iPadOS.

How to Cancel Hulu

Even with all the best series on Hulu, you still decide to leave? That's ok. You can cancel Hulu in just 4 steps at any time.

  1. Sign in to Hulu account.
  1. Select the Account section
Cancel Hulu Subscription Step 2
  1. Under the Subscription Section, click the blue Cancel you Hulu subscription box.
Cancel Hulu Subscription Step 3
  1. Click Continue to cancel to confirm you want to cancel.
Cancel Hulu Subscription Step 4

And there you have it: We are sorry to see you go.  You can use your Hulu account until the end of your current billing period or free trial. You can also get a Hulu refund if you forget to cancel your Hulu subscription on time via Customer Service through phone call or email.


Consider Streaming Alternatives

Here are some alternative streaming services you may consider:


  • $9.99+/month
  • Wide-range of on-demand content and language/subtitle preferences 


  • $9.99+/month
  • Great origina programming plus Warner Brother content


  • $7.99+/ month
  • A full list of Disney, Marvel, Pixar content 

Amazon Prime video

  • $8.99+/month
  • A good fit for Amazon Prime account holders 

Apple TV+

  • $4.99+/month
  • Good quality content including Oscar best picture winner CODA


  • Free with ads to $9.99+/month
  • Great classic TV shows and big sports event

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