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How to Cancel PLAY! by Sephora Subscription Box?

Kiera Xu
July 27, 2021

Many people like surprises and many people enjoy unpacking beauty/candy/clothing boxes especially when you don’t know what’s inside. PLAY!, the Sephora beauty box invented by Sephora offers you chances to unpack surprises monthly. 

However, many reviewers complain and feel PLAY! by Sephora monthly subscription boxes are not quite worthy.

  • It still leaves much to be desired. Now and then I get boxes that I like but I also get a lot of boxes that I don't. I tend to receive a lot of products that I wouldn't use or I'm not interested in. I get duplicate items a lot as well. 
  • While it is fun to get a box each month, I’m not sure the purchase is worth it.
  • I'm sure I filled out the questionnaire to get boxes tailored to what I use. Yet I keep getting foundation and lipstick. Two items I never purchase. 
  • When I get emails with spoilers that I may receive in my box I end up disappointed that I never receive items I would like. 
  • I probably am going to discontinue this subscription because I have also received several broken items, which Sephora does not replace, rather they give you points.

A small amount of money every month for Sephora subscription boxes that you barely use could grow into a large amount of money wasted in a year. Cancelling unused subscriptions could save you more than $512 a year.  

Cancel Unwanted Subscriptions

Feel PLAY! by Sephora subscription box a waste? Let’s get it canceled to save more for something you really like and use.

What’s Inside the PLAY! by Sephora?

Play! by Sephora subscription box only costs you $10 monthly. The box has 6 products inside. It usually contains 5 medium beauty products and 1 fragrance sample worth up to $65 in total. Sometimes you can get extra gifts like Play! Pass Coupon and Play book. With Play! Pass coupons, you can ask makeup artists to teach you how to use this month's subscription makeup in stores. 

PLAY! by Sephora

Want to try something new? You can always fill out the questionnaire, state your preferences and tailor your boxes. Sephora usually releases a theme trailer in one month, and then a full trailer in the next month. Although most of the products in the box are trail size, they are enough for customers to test it out.  In addition, you can earn 50 extra points for purchasing anything at Sephora.

The boxes go with access to videos that teach you how to use the products. If you have the Sephora mobile app on your phone, you can scan the products in the box, and then more detailed information about them will pop up.

Also, there are offline events called Play! Date where you can have a beauty party with Sephora beauty consultants and other customers. If you are a loyal customer, this box would be a really great choice.

What you get each month from PLAY! by Sephora
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Pros and Cons of PLAY! by Sephora


  • The products are selected based on your individual PLAY! profile, so you'll get skincare, makeup, hair care tailored for you. 
  • You don’t have to do your own research for trying new products.
  • The quality of your products are guaranteed.
  • The products are all from the most buzzworthy brands. That is to say, the beauty box can save you some money if the products are just what you need.
  • Life is full of surprises. When you have the subscription, you will be looking forward to the beauty box every month. And you can also choose this as a gift box.


  • The products can be in very small size.
  • You don’t always get products you need.
  • Long waiting period during holidays.


Cancel your PLAY! by Sephora Subscription Box

There are two ways of canceling the subscription box.


  1. Call Customer Service at 1-844-PLAY-HLP.
  2. Cancel your subscription at any time online:
Cancel PLAY! by Sephora

    2.1 Log into your account;

    2.2 Click on  Subscriptions tag on the left side;

    2.3 Find PLAY! by Sephora and unsubscribe.


Cancellation must be made before the 1st of the month to stop the current month’s box. If you cancel after the first day of the month, you will be charged and still receive this month's PLAY! by SEPHORA beauty product box, which will also be your final one.


Consider Other Beauty Boxes

If you want more control over what you get every month, Ipsy is also a good choice. It allows you to customize your bag with what you want. You’ll get a variety of products with only $11 each month.

IPSY Beauty Box
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Beauty Box Alternatives

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