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How to Cancel Twitch Subscriptions

Kiera Xu
July 27, 2021

Had so many streaming service subscriptions but barely used? Canceling unused subscriptions will save you a lot. In fact, many platforms "intentionally" make it more difficult to cancel. Don't worry, we will help you! This time, we will show you how to subscribe and unsubscribe on Twitch.

Cancel Unwanted Subscriptions

How Much Will Amazon Prime Twitch Subscription Cost You Per Month?

Amazon Twitch is a real-time streaming video platform for video games. The original intention of Twitch's design was to create an esports video platform, also known as eSports. On the Twitch platform, video game players can watch other players playing games in real time. In addition, Twitch will also host some game-related radio shows, talk shows, etc. However, Twitch charge certain fee to provide better user experience in the game community.

Twitch brings not only buzz but also profit to gamers. Gamers with their own channels can make lots of money by attracting audiences and brands.

On the Twitch platform, users can purchase "Turbo" by month. Besides enjoying shows without advertisements, they can also use some exclusive functions such as chat logos, picture magic wand, and personalized emoticons. The cost for Turbo users is $8.99 per month.

After purchased by Amazon in 2014, now you can have Twitch Prime Subs if you have an existing Amazon Prime membership for $12.99 monthly with a 30-day free trial, and get free monthly Twitch channel subscription. Without Amazon prime membership, Twitch subscriptions are divided into three tiers and are billed monthly. The default subscription amount is $4.99 per month. In mid-2017, Twitch added two more tiers for $ 9.99 and $ 24.99 respectively.

Twitch Price Tiers

Twitch Prime Subscription Pros and Cons


  • The best interactive gaming platform. This is a professional game live website. You can watch your favorite gamers do live broadcasts and interact with them in real time.
  • Video game streaming on Twitch covers a wide range of games, almost all types of games on the market. These types of games include real-time strategy games (RTS), fighting games, racing games, first-person shooter games, and so on.


  • Compared to other streaming platforms, the types of content on Twitch are more limited and confined to games.
  • It takes a long time to take off if you're starting from scratch.
  • Twitch has some vague and unclear guidelines. The platform involves competitive content and sometimes causes conflicts.

How to Cancel Your Twitch Subscription?

Twitch will help you renew membership automatically. However, you can cancel Twitch Prime easily within just 1 minute. 

Cancel Twitch Prime from Amazon

  1. Login to Amazon and click on Your Account;
  2. Scroll down to Settings;
  3. Click on Manage Prime Membership;
  4. Select to cancel the Twitch Prime membership.

Cancel Subscription from Twitch Website / App 

Cancel Twitch Subscription Web
Twitch Website

Cancel Twitch Subscription App
Twitch App
  1. Log in Twitch official website / app;
  2. Go to the Subscription Management page;
  3. Click the gear in the upper right corner;
  4. Choose "Do Not Renew Subscription".

See Twitch's official website for more information.

After the renewal is cancelled, your subscription and benefits will expire at the end of the current billing period. No further charges will be made for the next payment cycle.

Consider Streaming Alternatives

There are many streaming platforms available:



Wide-range of on-demand content and language/subtitle preferences 



Quality original programming 


$7.99+/ month

A full list of Disney, Marvel, and Pixar content 

Amazon Prime Video


A good fit for Amazon Prime account holders 

Apple TV+


Good quality content including Oscar best picture winner CODA


Free with ads to $9.99+/month

Great classic TV shows and big sports events

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