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How to Save on Wedding Expenses

July 27, 2021

In 2018, the average cost of a wedding was $35,329. 

Considering that most people are in at least that much student loan debt when they graduate college, it seems a bit financially irresponsible to spend that much money on a wedding. The great news is that you don’t have to. 


By being smart about how you shop, plan and spend your wedding budget money, you can save on wedding expenses while still having the party of your dreams.


Here’s how to save on wedding expenses so that you can save money, live better, and enjoy your new life as newlyweds.

How Can You Reduce Your Wedding Expenses?

It is a good idea to look into when is the off-peak season for weddings, which might depend on your location and the weather you experience year-round. 


In general, wedding season months begin in late spring and continue through early fall with weddings typically peaking in June and September due to optimal weather and vacation time.


Planning a wedding during the fall or winter months, however, can make for a great autumn or snowy backdrop for beautiful bridal party photos and shouldn’t be overlooked as a potential date, especially if you want to save big on venues. 


Having an on-site wedding at a hotel or restaurant can actually reduce the amount of stress you’ll experience during the planning phase and also save you money on logistics.

How Do You Plan Your Own Wedding?

Great question, and if you are able to make sense of the answer, you might just be able to save tons of your wedding and the related expenses. 


To begin, start by creating a budget. Factor in a 10% cushion for any unexpected expenses and then once you have this number, be sure to stick to it. 


Then, you’ll want to make a list of priorities. You know, the things you know you absolutely can’t do without on your big day. You can find inspiration by creating mood and vision boards, and doing this with your fiance is a great way to build a wedding you both will cherish forever.


Invest in a wedding planning book that comes with tips and advice and make sure you stay organized with spreadsheets and calendars. 


This will not only optimize your planning process but it will force you to stay on top of spending so it doesn’t get out of hand. And, don’t be afraid to ask for help; that’s what your wedding party is there for!

Optimize Your Spending and Savings

While you can engage in certain techniques to save for your big day, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to spend. 


When you do spend, be sure to optimize your spending by using techniques such as paying with a travel rewards credit card in order to get miles to put towards your honeymoon or signing up for an automatic price adjustment tracker to get refunds on all of your eligible online purchases. 


Paying with rewards credit cards is a great way to rack up points or get cashback on purchases year-round but can be particularly helpful when purchasing big-ticket items for a wedding.


If you have a savings account, then you’ll want to begin funneling more money into that account as soon as you know you’ll be getting married. Look at your savings account interest rate to see how much you can save if you invest $5-10,000 right now. 


However, even the highest paying jobs don’t afford you enough leftover cash to invest that kind of money at once. And, not everybody meets the requirements they need to in order to sign up for a debit card. That’s where our final tip comes in handy...

Saving Without Skimping on Style

Whether you’re planning your wedding alone or want to save on particular purchases to make room in your budget for something extra special, there are many ways that you can save on wedding expenses without skimping on the experience. 


Be mindful of how you plan, stick to your budget and try to DIY as much as you can. You’ll see the difference in your savings but not the quality of your wedding.


Oh, and our final tip? Sign up for a debit card that comes with 0 fees, saving bonus and cashback. This translates into big savings, especially if you’re planning on getting married.


You deserve to be able to not only spend easily but also earn great rewards while doing so, especially in preparation for your big day.

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