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Student Discounts: How Much Can Your Student ID Save You?

July 27, 2021

You’re paying a lot as a college student. So, it makes sense to try and save wherever and however you can. Lucky for you, you’re the owner of a shiny new student ID that can unlock lots of savings. That is if you know how to use it.

From saving on flights, electronics, movies and more, once you learn how to get discounts with your student ID, you’ll wonder why you never took advantage of this superb student savings hack before. Save money while shopping? You betcha!

Ready to save? Be sure you’ve got your savings-optimized debit card on hand to make the purchases to double up on your cashback. Then, get ready to treat yourself to every single one of these deals. Here’s just how much you can save by using your student ID.


Electronics are actually one of the most student-friendly items on the market. Numerous tech and software companies offer education pricing for students and faculty members. Apple, for example, currently offers education pricing on MacBook Airs for less than $1,000 brand new. And, they all come loaded with Apple TV + for free.

Lenovo offers discounts for students as well, up to 5% when purchasing a new laptop. And, both Sprint and AT&T offer special pricing on phone plans and cellphones if you enter a valid university email address. So, you technically don’t even need a student ID to access the savings and discounts.

It’s also worth noting that signing up for Amazon Prime Student is a great deal for students who do a lot of online shopping, store lots of photos and want to enjoy streaming services. They’re great about curating deals specific to students and their needs.

Flights & Travel


If you’re an international or out-of-state student then flights are likely one of your biggest expenses as a college student. Lucky for you, with your student ID you can access lots of travel deals all over the US and even sometimes internationally.

STA Travel is one of the most well-known student travel companies, offering huge discounts to those who sign up with a valid college email address. This also usually applies to those under the age of 26 in general, so take advantage of these deals while you can!

Need help getting around locally? Zipcar offers student memberships at just $15/month so you can zip around campus or to an interview whenever you need to. Lyft, at least at one point, offered discounts, but only to students attending universities in New York.

And, finally, it’s absolutely worth looking into getting a Student Advantage card through Expedia if you’re an international student. Along with your savings-optimized debit card, it’s a great way to save on trips back home. College students can get up to 40% off airfare, hotels and even car rentals.


As a college student in an expensive state like California or New York, car insurance adds a lot of pressure onto your already large monthly bills. But, because you’re a student, most auto insurance companies will reward you for your hard work.

Companies like State Farm, Geico, Nationwide, and Farmers Insurance will all reduce your policy amount if you can prove that you make “above-average” grades. Now, just what does that mean? It varies from company to company. The best way to check is just to contact them individually and see.


Saving money isn’t all about the serious stuff like your computers and insurance. You can save money on your own personal entertainment as well. And, the most popular way students save money with their student ID is at the movie theatre. 

In fact, AMC Theaters will give students a discount of up to 40% off on prepaid tickets just by showing their ID. But, you’ll find that nearly every single theatre in the country will give you a discount at the ticket booth if you show them your student ID.

Other entertainment savings include savings on magazines like The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal plus savings on streaming services. You can get a dual Spotify and Hulu membership for just $4.99 a month.


Ah, clothes...the single most important shopping item for thousands of college students all over the country. If you don’t have an Amazon Prime Student membership to access discounts and free shipping, then you’ll want to know where to shop in order to save on clothes.

Numerous popular outlets offer fantastic discounts for students. H&M, Kate Spade and J. Crew will all give you 15% off while Forever 21 will give you 10% off when you shop online as a student.

Not into any of those stores? Check around for seasonal deals to ensure you’re able to snag cute, trendy clothes for cheap. They usually hold sales at the end of each season and around every major US holiday.

Food & Drink

Did you know that a lot of restaurants and fast-food chains will give you a discount just for being a student? It’s easily one of the world’s best-kept savings secrets! 

Just by showing your student ID to the waiter or at checkout, you’ll get 10% off your meal at Waffle House, Burger King and Pizza Hut (depending on the location; ask your local spot before purchasing).

And, by signing up for a Sam’s Club Collegiate Membership you’ll get a $25 eGift Card when you join. And, you’ll gain access to all of the membership perks for just $45 a year. Split that with your roommates and head there together to purchase all of your necessities in bulk.

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