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The Ultimate List of Christmas Gift Ideas on a Budget for Everyone You Love

July 27, 2021

Christmas 2019 reports showed that Americans alone would spend over $1 trillion on Christmas. Yes, just Americans. The average US consumer reported that they’d planned to spend nearly $950 each on Christmas gifts. And, we can safely say that that’s not the case for Christmas 2020. Things look a bit different this year, and that’s okay. If you’re trying to stick to a strict budget this holiday season, this guide is just for you. Check out our top picks for Christmas gift ideas on a budget for everyone in your life (everything is well under $50 here).

Christmas 2020 Gift Ideas for Her

The Ultimate List of Christmas Gift Ideas on a Budget for Everyone You Love | Cheese Debit Card
Image: Uncommon Goods

Succulent Tea Lights

If the special woman in your life loves plants and candles, combine them both and gift here cute little succulent tea lights. They’re a great way to help her decorate her desk and can help the room feel more “green” without the added hassle of plant care. Uncommon Goods also sells cute terrarium candles that come in a vanilla-scented cactus or jasmine-scented poppy flower.

Bracelet with Handwriting

Looking for a budget-friendly Christmas gift that’s still personal and touching? Head over to Etsy and search for a handwriting bracelet that you can personalize for any woman in your life (or man, coworker, etc.). This is a great option for a touching personalized gift that is practical and suitable for everyday use. Write out a special phrase that’s got meaning behind it and she’s sure to remember it (and wear it) for years to come.

Personalized Throw Pillows

Who doesn’t love a good throw pillow for their bed, couch, or office chair? This holiday season, get personal with some personalized throw pillows that are cheap yet stylish. Etsy has quite a few top shops that offer these kinds of personalized pillows, truly allowing you to customize the gift however you want.

Christmas 2020 Gift Ideas for Him

The Ultimate List of Christmas Gift Ideas on a Budget for Everyone You Love | Cheese Debit Card
Image: Amazon

Personalized Leather Keychain

Instead of personalizing throw pillows of jewelry, you can personalize a special leather keychain for the man in your life. Leather’s a great option as it’s durable and usually weather-proofed. It also looks pretty classic and can pair well with a leather wallet or other keychain accessory. Northwind Supply is offering great deals on personalization of up to 10 characters for under $10 per keychain!

Amazon Echo Dot

For Christmas 2020 (and likely beyond), Amazon is running specials on all of their home products, including the voice assistant Echo Dot. Currently, they’re offering a deal on a 3rd generation Echo Dot along with a smart plug for under $35. Or, you can opt for the slightly larger yet newer 4th generation Echo Dot. Either way, it makes for a great budget-friendly Christmas gift that he’ll be sure to use, whether it’s for setting work reminders, creating appointments, listening to the news, or sending you a quick text.

Hot Dog Toaster

This is a fantastic gift for anybody in your life who loves to cook and also enjoys silly yet practical things. And, if you’re tired of slimy, cold hot dogs, this is definitely for you. The hot dog toaster sells for under $30 on Amazon and comes with 2 slots for hot dogs and 2 slots for toasting the buns. It’s no gag gift; it actually works!

Christmas 2020 Gift Ideas for Friends

The Ultimate List of Christmas Gift Ideas on a Budget for Everyone You Love | Cheese Debit Card
Image: Talking Tables/Amazon

What Do You Meme Game

Gifting games is always a great way to bring your friend circle closer together. And, there’s nothing quite like playing a card game that revolves around memes. What Do You Meme is a hit game that requires you to select from meme reaction cards and find the perfect fit for various scenarios (including “How would you react if you farted in a full elevator?” and “How would you react if you found out you were adopted?”). The full kit is only $30 on Amazon.

Infused Coffee

Infused coffee is all the rage, and it’s pretty easy to see why. From bourbon-infused vanilla soaked coffee to merlot-infused coffee and even “hopped up coffee” that tastes strikingly similar to a cold beer, Uncommon Goods offers quite the intriguing (and tasty) variety of infused grounds for any coffee lover in your life. 

Prosecco Pong

Forget about beer pong; in 2021, it’s going to be all about Prosecco pong. Once life goes “back to normal,” this game is going to be a hit with all of your friends. For under $20 on Amazon, you can snag this super budget-friendly gift that comes with everything you need to start a game of pong. All you’ll be missing is the bottle of Prosecco, served chilled in the classy game glasses.

Christmas 2020 Gift Ideas for Kids

The Ultimate List of Christmas Gift Ideas on a Budget for Everyone You Love | Cheese Debit Card
Image: Toy Buzz

Bathtub Crayons

When searching for budget-friendly gifts for kids, it’s best to look for gifts that are practical and fun. Try to find something that your kids will get real value from, like bathtub Crayons that spark creativity and make nighttime bathtub routines fun. They even come in hard plastic retractable cases that make storing the Crayons a breeze. Kits are under $10 for 9 colors each.

Reusable Drinking Straws

If your kids are a bit older, get them on the eco-friendly train now and gift them some reusable drinking straws. They’re wildly popular now, meaning that you’re able to find styles to suit any taste. From metallic, unicorn-themed straws to more serious straws for older teenagers, it’s a great way to show them that you care about their future on this Earth.

Kids Against Maturity Game

Cards Against Humanity isn’t exactly kid-friendly, which is why there’s Kids Against Maturity. It’s a similar game that’s family-friendly and fun for a virtual family game night or even a game night with your kids and their own friends. It’s simple, hilarious, and includes over 500 cards to get you started, ensuring that the whole family can enjoy the fun for many game nights to come.

Christmas 2020 Gift Ideas for Coworkers

The Ultimate List of Christmas Gift Ideas on a Budget for Everyone You Love | Cheese Debit Card
Image: Lamicall

2021 Planner

What better budget-friendly gift for a coworker than a brand new 2021 planner? The trick here is finding one that’s personalized to suit their tastes and working style. If you know that they like to have an overview of the entire month ahead, find one that offers a full look at each month. Or, if you know that they have trouble staying organized, get them one that’s color-coded and comes with sticky notes and special reminders.

Cell Phone Stand

Lamicall has a sleek, super sturdy cell phone stand on sale for just $12.99 at the moment (here’s the Amazon link), and it’s the perfect Christmas gift for coworkers who like to be able to see their phone when messages or calls arrive throughout the day. If you’re able to kick your budget up to about $20-30, you can find numerous great charging stands (if the phone allows for wireless charging) that double as pencil holders, too!

Personal Heater

We all know that once we head back into offices, we’ll once again be fighting over control of the heating and air conditioning. Not everybody has the same climate preferences in a workspace, and that’s okay. But, if you find that your coworker is especially cold, get them a small personal heater to place under their desk for Christmas. Likewise, if they’re constantly sweating, gift them a small portable fan they can place on their desk. Lasko space heaters are currently on sale for under $30 on Amazon and this cool wind turbine desk fan is available for $29.99.

Saving for Christmas Gifts in 2020

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