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6 Ideas to Celebrate the 2021 New Year

July 27, 2021

Did you know that the Times Square NYE Ball contains 32,000 LED lights capable of displaying a vibrant color palette of over 16 million patterns of colors? It’s no wonder why so many people gather around to watch it drop each New Year’s Eve. This year, though, we’ll all have to settle for enjoying it from the comfort of our couches (which, let’s be honest, is better than braving the crowds anyway). If you’re not quite sure what to do for NYE 2021, here are a few great ways to celebrate virtually or at least while social distancing.

How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2021

1. Craft Your Own Ball Drop

6 Ideas to Celebrate the 2021 New Year | Cheese Debit Card
Source: usnews

If you usually head out to watch the ball drop in Times Square or at least watch it on TV, get creative this year by crafting your own ball drop right at home! All you need is a large, sturdy stick, some glitter, and a styrofoam ball. Cover the ball in glitter, place it on the stick, mark the hours on the stick, and then move it down as it gets closer and closer to midnight. It’s not totally the same, but it’s a fun crafting activity for little ones looking to enjoy New Year’s Eve. Also, you can watch the NYE Ball Drop Live online while crating your own ball drop.

2. Host a Zoom Winter White Party

6 Ideas to Celebrate the 2021 New Year | Cheese Debit Card
Source: contemporist

Want to get all dressed up and feel normal again? Host a Zoom NYE party. If you really want to go all out, decorate your house and ask others to decorate their’s as well that way everybody will be able to view the same party decorations throughout the entire call. Have everybody dress up in their white winter attire or plan it as a black tie event so that everybody can enjoy getting dressed up like a real adult for one special night to send 2020 on its way.

3. Try Some Boozy Desserts

6 Ideas to Celebrate the 2021 New Year | Cheese Debit Card
Source: delish

In the mood to cook this New Year’s Eve? You can try the Thanksgiving desserts we recommended back in November. Or, you can test out some of the best boozy dessert recipes. Delish has created a fantastic list of boozy desserts that are easy to make. If you’re hosting a virtual NYE party, be sure to make them beforehand and drive to your friends’ houses to drop them off on their doorstep before the party starts. Desserts include Cherry Bombs, heavily spiked rum cake, milk and cookies shots, and fireball pumpkin pie. Wow.

4. Play 2020 Bingo

6 Ideas to Celebrate the 2021 New Year | Cheese Debit Card
Source: minted.

Is anybody really sad to see 2020 go? Probably not. If you’d like to reminisce over the craziness of this unique year, though, we suggest playing 2020 bingo with friends or family. You can make your own unique bingo cards and put things like “lockdown,” “election 2020,” and “hand sanitizer” in the squares. Draw them out of a hat and see who gets a bingo first.

5. Enjoy a Virtual Wine Tasting

6 Ideas to Celebrate the 2021 New Year | Cheese Debit Card
Source: foodandwine

Class it up this NYE with a virtual wine tasting. You get all of the benefits of a live, in-person wine tasting but, you get to your sweatpants. Grab a few friends and book a spot now as they’re sure to book up fast for the evening of the 31st. You can find wine tastings hosted by vineyards and experts in all parts of the world, so you’re likely to find something that caters to your tastes and interests.

6. Plan Your 2021 Goals

6 Ideas to Celebrate the 2021 New Year | Cheese Debit Card

Want to really take advantage of New Year’s Eve? Plan to use the time inside at home to optimize your future. Plan out your 2021 goals, including professional, personal, and financial goals. Think about what you want to achieve financially in the next year and how you can find the tools you need to get there.

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