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7 Things to Buy from the Dollar Stores

July 27, 2021

Did you know that there are more dollar stores in the United States than there are Walmart and McDonald’s combined? With over 30,000 dollar stores peppered throughout the country, you don’t even have to google “dollar store near me” to find one, just hop in your car and you’ll likely come across one soon enough.

Studies show that even when we aren’t in a recession, people still love to shop at a dollar store as a way to save money easily. The truth is, most products you find at a dollar store are the same exact products you’d find at a larger store such as Walmart or Target. From cleaning supplies to candles, school supplies, and sometimes even food, here are seven things you should always buy from the dollar store.

What to Buy from the Dollar Store

1. Party Supplies

What are the best things to buy from the dollar store? Items that you use once and then throw away are always great, such as party supplies. Planning a party for under $20 is easy if you’re able to load up on balloons, streamers, tablecloths, and other party decorations at the dollar store. Unless you’re looking for a specific theme or color that your local dollar store doesn’t carry, it simply doesn’t make sense to pay full-price for these items seeing as you’ll only use them once or twice.

2. Greeting Cards

Again, the best items to purchase from a dollar store are the ones that are only going to get used once. And, seeing as most dollar stores carry the same exact greeting cards like the ones you’ll find at Hallmark, Target, or even CVS, you can save over $5 on each card by opting for the dollar store ones. The message is the same, the thought behind the gift is the same, and the receiver won’t know the difference. It’s a win-win for you and your wallet!

3. Beauty Accessories

If you’ve got children, how often do they go through tiny little hair ties, bobby pins, little brushes, and combs? Probably pretty often. Next time you visit the closest dollar store, stock up on these items. They’re pretty much the same quality and, if you’re going to lose them anyway, it makes no sense to pay more than a dollar per package. Be sure to also check your local dollar store as they sometimes sell name-brand shampoos, conditioners, and lotions for much cheaper than you’ll find at your local supermarket, too.

4. Cleaning Supplies

From dish towels and sponges to great quality dish soap, the dollar store has quite a nice variety of cleaning supplies for a dollar or just over a dollar. If you’re trying to budget your money during the pandemic, purchasing cleaning supplies from the dollar store is a great idea. Recently, Dollar General had Clorox brand sanitizing wipes for just over $4 for a large container. It’s hard to beat those kinds of prices.

5. Storage Containers

Doing spring or summer cleaning? Definitely get your storage containers from the dollar store. These large plastic tubs are way cheaper at dollar stores than they are even at Walmart. While you can use them for storing household items, they also make great budget-friendly items for school projects, work storage, and numerous other things.

6. Socks

This is a weird one, but numerous savvy shoppers report that dollar stores actually sell pretty great socks. If you’re stocking up on back-to-school clothes at the end of the summer, you’re usually able to find great deals on children’s’ socks that come in a pair of two for just one dollar. Seeing as kids grow out of clothes so fast (and tend to lose socks easily), it’s one of the best things to buy at the dollar store.

7. Decorations

You’d be surprised at what kind of cute home decorations you can find at the dollar store. From picture frames to wall hangings, you can decorate an entire room for super cheap. Make sure the hooks on the back are well-installed. Aside from that, if you’re simply hanging it up in your home, nobody is going to know whether you got it from the dollar store or your local high-end home decor boutique.

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