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Barkbox vs. Chewy vs. Petco vs. Petsmart: Which is the Best for My Pet?

July 27, 2021

Americans spend at least $72 billion a year on their pets. From purchasing premium pet food to treating your pup to a dog subscription box, it’s hard not to spoil your furry friend. They have, after all, also been dealing with the implications of recent shutdowns.

If you’re not sure how to keep your pet entertained while everybody is stuck at home, we’ve got a few tips. Why not try surprising them with a subscription box? It’ll be full of fun new treats, toys, and surprises that’ll help break up the monotony of long days stuck inside. 

Or, you can simply head into a top pet store such as Petco or Petsmart and snag a sweet deal on a toy or special treat that they’ll love. Which one is best? Barkbox vs. Chewy or Petco vs. Petsmart? We’ve got a detailed comparison for you.

What’s Included in a Barkbox Subscription?

Bark Box
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Barkbox is one of the most well-known dog subscription boxes on the market. And, they’ve been serving the pup community since 2011, making them actually one of the first subscription boxes for dogs to ever debut. What’s inside of a Barkbox and how much does a Barkbox subscription cost?

Each month features a new theme, making Barkbox fun and unique in its own right. One month, for example, the theme was New York City. And, another month it was dinosaur-themed. How fun is that? And, they ask you during the sign-up process about the breed of your dog. So, you won’t ever get a mini toy designed for a dachshund if you have a large Bernese Mountain Dog.

Each Barkbox contains:

  • 2 tough Barkbox toys
  • 2 large bags of treats
  • 1 long-lasting chew

Regarding the cost of a Barkbox subscription and the length of the subscription. You can purchase one month for just $29 plus free shipping. Or, save more money per box and opt for the 6-month plan, which is $25 per box, or the 12-month plan, which makes each box only $21.

Because Barkbox is so big now, a lot of the products they include in each of the boxes are from their own line of products. They even design most of the Barkbox toys in-house to fit each month’s theme. This means that on top of providing dog owners with a cute subscription box option, they also have their own Barkshop where you can purchase additional Barkbox toys or treats that your dog loved in a previous box. You can go to barkbox.com to find more info.

What’s Included in a Chewy Box?

Chewy Box
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Unlike Barkbox, Chewy is more of a pet brand than a mere dog subscription box company. However, they do offer their own box as well, if that’s what you’re looking for. The Chewy Goody Birthday Box comes with six hand-picked, full-size items that include:

  • 3 tasty treats
  • 1 plush squeaky birthday cake
  • 1 thermoplastic rubber bone fetch toy
  • 1 Chewy exclusive birthday bandana 

While the price is usually $39.80, you can qualify for discounts by purchasing other items via the website. And, you should! Chewy is a great place for everything pet-related, including food, treats, supplies, and even medication.

The website is easy to navigate, allowing you to shop by pet to easily find what you’re looking for. They even sell products for horses and reptiles along with a special section for their “pharmacy” where you can purchase high-quality medicine for your furry friend. 

What’s especially great about Chewy, however, is the fact that they have a special deals section that’s full of hot new deals that they update regularly. They’ll show you top-rated picks along with discounts that can sometimes be as high as 30% off.

What’s Included in a Petco Subscription?

UNBOXING April Pupbox | Review Subscription Box for Dogs | Herky ...
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Petco vs. Petsmart is an age-old debate amongst pet owners. Which is better, Petco, or Petsmart? It’s hard to say, as they both offer similar products and services. Petco, however, offers a dog box called PupBox. It’s similar to the Chew Goody Birthday Box in that it’s specifically designed for a dog’s birthday celebration. For just $39.99, you get:

  • A festive “barkday” hat
  • Barkday cake recipe and doggie cake mix
  • Grain-Free Chicken Tender Treats
  • Small balloon animal Latex Squeak Toy
  • Small Chocolate Donut

Aside from the special box, Petco offers you the ability to purchase items online or in-store, which isn’t something that Chewy offers. There are currently 1,500 Petco stores around the country, making it easy to head inside with your dog to see which toy they like best before purchasing it.

And, where Petco really shines is in the fact that they offer pet services which extend to include:

  • Grooming
  • Dog training
  • Veterinary services
  • Dog walking
  • Pet sitting
  • Pet insurance
  • Adoptions

If you’re looking to adopt, visit a Petco location near you. Or, simply go in for a special dog training class or to get your dog groomed.

Does Petsmart Have a Subscription Box?

PetSmart - The Shoppes at EastChase
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Petsmart is the only one on this list that doesn’t offer some sort of dog box. However, with all of the other Petsmart services offered, you’ll find that your dog won’t be in need of any sort of subscription box.

Like Petco, Petsmart has about 1,500 physical locations in the United States, but they also deliver if you purchase online. Products are similar and are priced similarly to what you’d find at Petco. And, services are similar.

Petsmart services include:

  • Grooming
  • Doggie day camp
  • Training
  • Veterinary care
  • Adoption
  • Pet hotel

Petsmart also offers super helpful learning centers with numerous articles regarding the care of various types of pets, including dog care, fish care, bird care, and even reptile care. They update their sale section regularly, so definitely take a look when you’re browsing the Petsmart website for deals.

Saving for More Petsmart & Petco Toys

It doesn’t matter if you’re purchasing a toy from Petsmart or Petco, or even indulging in a unique Barkbox toy, you’re going to need to save some extra cash to spoil your dog.

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