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7 Tips to Keep Your Pets Entertained While Staying at Home

July 27, 2021

Even though most states have now partially reopened after a few months of lockdown, city parks and dog parks still remain closed in most areas, with a few states still requiring residents to stick within a certain radius of their home.

What does this mean for Fido? He’s likely bored of staying inside just like you are. Keeping kids entertained is one thing, but ensuring that your pets are getting enough play, exercise, and stimulation is another thing. And, while they’re probably happy to have you home all day, it also means that you’ll need to start getting creative during playtime (another game of fetch just won’t cut it).

Whether you’ve got a little pup on your hands or a senior dog that likes to engage in low-key activities, here are seven things you can do to keep your pets entertained while staying at home.

How to Keep Your Pets Entertained At Home

1. Learn Scent Work

The American Kennel Club notes that scent wok is something that all dogs can do regardless of their breed and that it helps stimulate a dog’s mind to keep them engaged and entertained. You can check out the organization’s actual guide to AKC Scent Work which provides a helpful framework for teaching your pup to sniff out certain essential oils. The best part? It’s a great indoor activity that doesn’t really require any additional materials or toys to complete.

2. Play in the Pool

It’s getting hot and we bet your pup is feeling the heat. If you’ve got a pool, let your dog splash around in the water for the day or play a game of water volleyball with your dog. The more toys you add to the water games the better, and since summer is just around the corner, most places have great deals on summer dog toys. At BarkBox, for example, you can get a free dog pool float with the purchase of any one of their subscription boxes while supplies last. Not only will your dog appreciate the gesture, but you’ll get some cute summer snaps, too.

3. Play Hide and Seek

This is an oldie but a goodie, and it’s one that people never seem to think about. You don’t need to head outdoors and visit a park to entertain your dog, you simply need to get creative. If you have enough space in your house, try playing hide and seek. If you’ve got kids, allow them to get in on the game. Humans will hide and the dog can go find people one by one. To make it more interesting, give each kid a Super Chewer toy to take with them so your pet can sniff out something special and feel rewarded once they find someone. If your dog isn’t really into toys, at least stock up on dog treats such as the Max-Bone dog treats for a fun post-game prize.

4. Fill a Kong

One of the easiest ways to entertain a dog for hours? Fill a Kong Classic Dog Toy with peanut butter or frozen food and let them slowly tease it out. It’s best to freeze whatever you put in there as it will force your pet to spend hours licking it out. And, if you’re using this entertainment as a way to get your dog to calm down a bit before bed, you can add a few drops of calming oils or pet CBD oils into the mix. Honest Paws has great deals on calming CBD oils for dogs that will help them relax as they engage their mind.

5. Engage in Interactive Games

Just like babies and toddlers, dogs and other pets lots love to play interactive games. Not only will it entertain them for hours but it’s a great way to ensure that their brains are activated and engaged even when they can’t physically leave the house. Petco usually has great deals on interactive games or you can search an online marketplace such as Amazon for snuffle mats, dog brick puzzles, or even fun tower toy games that make them work for their treats.

6. Set Up an Obstacle Course

If you have a yard or garden where your dog can play, they’re probably tired of seeing the same old fence and chasing the same old squirrels. To engage in mental enrichment and stimulation, set up an obstacle course for them to enjoy. Better yet, incorporate this into part of mealtime and make them complete the obstacle course in order to enjoy their food. Again, if you have kids, this is a great way to get your kids outside and playing as well. They can either help you set up the course or help walk the dog through the training needed to complete the course.

7. Work on Obedience

Petco training classes and other obedience classes at doggy schools might be closed right now, but you can still work on training skills at home. In fact, canine organizations have made it easy to access the materials needed to properly train your pup. Check out the Canine Good Citizen program as it’s complete with ten skills that any dog needs to learn in order to master obedience training and behave well in public.

Saving Cash for Future Entertainment

Owning a pet can be expensive sometimes and it’s important to budget for these kinds of expenses. Whether you’re interested in saving cash for future obedience classes or just a few cool chew toys, we’ve made saving cash on everyday expenses even easier for you.

Our Cheese debit card means that as you’re staying home, you can funnel your extra cash into the account and enjoy savings in the form of cashback and other perks. It comes with $0 in fees, too.

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