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How to Entertain Yourself While Staying at Home?

July 27, 2021

95% of Americans are currently under a lockdown or are under some sort of stay-at-home order. As we all work together to flatten the curve and reduce the strain on the country’s healthcare workers as the coronavirus spreads throughout the nation, we’re finding ourselves in a state we only thought existed in movies: quarantine.

And, as we all navigate the uncharted waters of what quarantine life is like, we’re finding ourselves more bored than ever. Whether you’re trying to work from home or have been furloughed and have a schedule that’s entirely freed up, we’d be willing to bet that strict orders to stay home and do nothing have got you feeling a bit stir crazy.

Are we right or are we right? We feel you. That’s why we wanted to round up lots of great resources on how to entertain yourself while staying home. Some of these are practical and enriching and others are just fun, because, hey, we all could use a little lighthearted fun right about now.

Try Out New Recipes

If you’ve always loved cooking but have never had the time to really commit to it then quarantine is the perfect time to do so. You’ve got a pantry full of non-perishable goods, likely a few helpers around the house, and the desire to fill your home with the fresh smell of homemade food.

So, take time while staying at home or social distancing to try out new recipes. We’ve got you covered with a few great mac and cheese recipes or even a few great canned food recipes. But, restaurants and world-class chefs are also getting in on the free coronavirus classes trend as well. 

Recently, celebrity chef Tyler Florence launched a new YouTube channel called Wolf It Down where they post weekly cooking demonstrations for you to enjoy. The New York Times’ cooking channel on YouTube is another great place to learn how to cook during the lockdown. 

Get Some Exercise

Astronauts who’ve been in isolation out in space have stressed the importance of physical activity during quarantine and stay-at-home periods. You should aim for 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise each day along with a few days of added strength training on top of that. 

Seeing as the gyms are closed, you might be wondering how to exercise while self-isolating. And, you’re in luck. Companies are opening up free workout classes online during the coronavirus crisis. 

Peloton is offering new users a 90-day trial on its app. And, their workouts are varied and don’t require you to own a Peloton-branded treadmill or bike. As well, Beachbody is offering many of their fitness programs free for 14 days. This includes the P90X series, Insanity, and PiYo. These are a great option for those looking for something that’s more high-intensity but might not have the at-home equipment that some other programs require.


Participate in Pop Culture

Not interested in doing something that requires any physical or mental effort? Okay, this one actually might require a bit of physical effort. But, you can participate in pop culture and download TikTok to get a bit of a fun workout in. This is an especially great option for families with little ones at home. They’ll love being able to participate in TikTok challenges, you’ll learn something new, and everybody will be able to disengage from social media and the news.

Another great way to connect with others if you’re bored during this self-isolation period is to download House Party. It’s a social networking app that allows you to video chat with up to eight different users (i.e. computers or phones, so you can chat with more people if some of your friends are quarantining with others or their partner). Chat with your friends or play games such as Chips and Guac, which is a Cards Against Humanity-style game.

Explore the World at Home

If you’re experiencing an especially strong bout of cabin fever, try exploring the world from the comfort of your own home. No, you can’t leave, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still immerse yourself in other cultures and places.

Most of the major museums around the world are offering free virtual tours to encourage participation in the exploration of arts and culture. The Louvre, The Vatican Museum, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art are all amongst some of the world’s most popular museums that are offering free virtual tours at the moment.

Exploring the world can also look like learning a new language. Download Duolingo or make a point to find a language teacher online in the country you’re hoping to travel to. For example, if you’re interested in learning French, you can find a native French teacher in Lyon and schedule Skype classes. Not only are you learning a new skill but you’re also connecting with someone else on the other side of the world during such a unique time. Here are Top 9 Web Apps you might need to stay connected during a pandemic.

Focus On Your Savings

Once you’ve exhausted all other options in terms of entertaining yourself while staying at home, why not use the free time in order to focus on your savings? Now is a great time, whether you’ve been laid off or not, to take a look at your budget and make plans for the rest of the year.

As part of that plan, be sure to include signing up for a savings-optimized debit card. Our Cheese debit card means that as you’re staying home, you can funnel your extra cash into the account and enjoy savings in the form of cashback and other perks. It comes with $0 in fees, too, making it ideal for those truly interested in saving extra money even after lockdowns end and the pandemic passes.

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