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7 Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards | Cheese Debit Card

July 27, 2021

Did you know that Prime members spend an average of $1,400 on Amazon every year? That number is still quite impressive for non-Prime members as well, who spend at least $600 on average on the mega marketplace. Where are all of these people finding the cash to purchase so many things on Amazon? We can’t say for sure, but we’d bet that more than a few of them are using Amazon gift cards as a way to spend online. Want to learn how to purchase Amazon gift cards or even get Amazon gift cards for free? We’ve got a few tips for you.

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

1. Sign Up for InboxDollars

InboxDollars made our list in 2020 as one of the best sites for paid surveys. And, that still holds true. If you’re looking to earn a little extra cash on the side, we suggest signing up for Inbox Dollars as an easy way to take surveys and make money. But it gets better! Just for signing up, you’ll receive a free $5 Amazon gift card. It’s a win-win for you, for them, and your Amazon account.

2. Shop with MyPoints

MyPoints is another top-ranking paid survey sites, as they’ve paid out over $230 million in cash and gift cards since their start about 20 years ago. And, the platform even offers you a $5 bonus after you’ve taken your first five surveys. What a steal. However, if you sign up and make your first $20 purchase, you’ll be eligible to receive a free $10 Amazon gift card. The best part is that you’re able to shop on popular sites such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

3. Play Games on Your Phone

Do you mean that you’re able to earn free Amazon gift cards simply by playing games on your phone? Yep! There are sites that will essentially pay you to play the games on your phone, such as Swagbucks, AppNana, or Appdown. Each site varies in its offerings and requires you to complete certain tasks, such as playing a certain number of hours, watching ads in between playing, and more.

4. Try Your Luck with Lucktastic

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While scratch-offs can be addicting if you purchase them in real life, the Lucktastic app is a place where you can play digital scratch-offs for free. The odds of winning are about the same as playing real scratch-off cards, making it a bit difficult to really earn a lot of extra cash via the app. However, it’s still fun and incredibly easy. You can win anywhere from $1 to $10,000 and even win additional trips, products, and giveaways that have. If you don’t win on a card, you can gain tokens that you’ll later be able to redeem for gift cards from places such as Walmart and Amazon.

5. Join SwagBucks

SwagBucks is easily one of the most popular and well-known money-making apps around. Like other survey and points apps, you’re able to earn cash easily by completing small tasks. However, currently, you can earn a free $33 Amazon gift card just for signing up. To do so, you’ll have to create a new SwagBucks account and check out their Hulu offer. You’ll have to pay $5.99 (but you’ll get to enjoy a month of Hulu!). After completing the payment, you’ll earn 3,300 points via SwagBucks, which equals $33 in gift cards.

6. Buy Your Groceries with Ibotta

While you can make extra money by shopping through the Ibotta app, you’re also able to earn a free Amazon gift card just for creating a new account. You can choose where the $10 gift card is for, and then you can earn $5 more for each referral you bring them. After enjoying your free gift card, you can go on to use the app to unlock rebates by completing simple tasks on the platform. Or, you can scan your product barcodes and submit your receipt for cash back, too. Within 48 hours, you’ll find the cash deposited into your account.

7. Use Your Cheese Debit Card

Want to know the easiest way to get free gift cards (or at least get added cash on your Amazon gift cards)? Purchase your Amazon gift cards with your Cheese Debit Card to get 2% extra on the gift card balance. So, if you’re purchasing a $100 gift card for a loved one this Christmas, for example, you’d get $102 total. While that might not sound like a lot, it can add up quickly to free cash if you frequently purchase Amazon gift cards throughout the year for yourself or others.

Not sure why a Cheese Debit Card is beneficial to you outside of helping you earn more free cash? Well, for starters, it’s totally free. No fees, no hassle, no nothing. Then, there are the other great perks you can enjoy:

❌ No Monthly Fee                                     🧀️ $5 cash bonus    

❌ No ATM Fee                                          🧀️ Up to 10% cashback with every purchase/transaction

❌ No Overdraft Fee                                  🧀️ Potential Double Cheese Cashback

❌ No Insufficient Fund Fee                       🧀️ Up to 3% Deposit Bonus

❌ No Minimum Balance Requirement      🧀️ Early Paycheck

Get your Amazon gift cards loaded with extra cash plus so much more by signing up for your Cheese Debit Card here.