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8 Great DIY Halloween Door Decors for 2020

July 27, 2021

Spooky season is upon us and this year feels scarier than ever. Spice things up and add a touch of festive fun to your home this year with unique Halloween door decors. The best part about these ghoulishly cute decorations is that you don’t have to break the bank in order to make them.

Whether or not there will be much trick-or-treating this year, these Halloween door decorations are a great way to get into a spooky mood and show the rest of your neighborhood that you’re in a festive mood.

Best Halloween Door Decors

1. Halloween Candy Wreath

Halloween door decor doesn’t get much easier than this! To make a festive wreath that’s sure to delight kids and adults alike, simply pull out last year’s Halloween candy and purchase a blank wreath from Amazon. Hot glue the candy all around the wreath until it’s covered and voia, you’ve got yourself one unique piece of door decor that looks almost so good you can eat it.

8 Great DIY Halloween Door Decors for 2020 | Cheese Debit Card
Image: Brain Woodcock/Country Living

2. Witch’s Broomstick Cupboard

Again, the best DIY Halloween decorations are the ones that don’t force you to spend lots of extra cash. If you have three or four old brooms lying around in the garage, take them and pin them up against your front door to make it look like they’re hanging in a witch’s broom closet. To enhance the door decor, place a Halloween-themed doormat under the brooms (this “welcome witches” mat will look great). 

8 Great DIY Halloween Door Decors for 2020 | Cheese Debit Card
Image: Martha Stewart Living

3. Keep Out of Haunted House

If you want to make your house look like it’s truly haunted this spooky season, all you need are a few old boards, some wood paint, and cobwebs. You’ll use the wood paint to write something on one or two of the boards, such as “keep out” or “beware.” Glue some old bolts to the tops of the boards to add to the effect and then tape them to your front door. Drape the cobwebs over the boards and you’ve got yourself one seriously spooky looking door.

8 Great DIY Halloween Door Decors for 2020 | Cheese Debit Card
Image: DIY Thought

4. Murder Scene

Depending on the color of your front door, you can add this Halloween door decor straight to the door itself or on top of butcher paper that you tape over the door (the latter is best for those looking for less cleanup). Cover your front door in white butcher paper, stick your hands in some red paint, and make the door look as if it’s been the scene of a horrendous crime. All of your neighbors who are fans of true crime are sure to love it. 

8 Great DIY Halloween Door Decors for 2020 | Cheese Debit Card
Image: The Bee Family

5. Fall Fever

If you’d rather stick to an autumn theme than one that might get the cops called on you, opt for a fall fever theme. If you live somewhere that turns golden red in the fall, gather up leaves (or simply purchase fake leaves online). Then, find two medium-sized pumpkins. You’re going to cut the pumpkins in half so that you can hang them on your front door using Command wire hooks (make sure they’re dry before hanging) and then tape the leaves all over the door until it’s nice and covered.

8 Great DIY Halloween Door Decors for 2020 | Cheese Debit Card
Image: Better Homes & Gardens

6. Smell My Feet

This year, take “trick or treat, smell my feet” to a whole new level. If you have lots of old Halloween-themed socks lying around, this is a great way to upcycle them and use them as Halloween door decor. Tie three clotheslines across your door and hang the socks from them with clothespins. To add more effect, hang a banner at the top of the door with the classic “trick or treat” phrase.

8 Great DIY Halloween Door Decors for 2020 | Cheese Debit Card
Image: Events to Celebrate

7. Easy Monster Door Decor

If you have a colored door, this is a fun project for little ones. Have them design a scary monster using the color of your door as a base, then use household items to watch the monster come to life. Paper plates are great for eyes, black trash bags make great pupils and even hair, while streamers and other party favors are great for weird arms, fur, and more. Add some masking tape for the mouth and eyebrows and you’re good to go.

8 Great DIY Halloween Door Decors for 2020 | Cheese Debit Card
Image: Style Motivation

8. Ode to Horror Novels

Book lovers will love this unique Halloween door decor. If your love of Halloween is more literary than anything else, you’re easily able to show that off during the festive season. All you need are a few colors of butcher paper, tape, and paint markers. Cut the butcher paper to resemble large books that will fit within the doorframe (i.e. the bookshelf). Tape the “books” to the door and write the names of your favorite horror novels on them. Dracula, Frankenstein, and Sleepy Hollow are all great ideas for this spooky decor.

8 Great DIY Halloween Door Decors for 2020 | Cheese Debit Card
Image: Brian Woodcock/Country Living

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