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Best Grocery and Food Delivery Apps

After President Trump declared that the United States was in emergency due to the coronavirus outbreak, it is becoming increasingly difficult to do grocery shopping. All major delivery platforms have different degrees of delay at this time, so we are here to share these food/grocery delivery apps and hope this list will help everyone get what they need during this special period. 

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🏠Delivery Area:United States, Toronto, Vancouver

💰Cost:Membership fee $10 / month (free shipping); general user: service fee + delivery fee

🌟Highlights:Wide delivery range in the U.S

DoorDash categorizes food for customers into fast food, breakfast, Mexican, Asian, vegetarian, dessert, pizza, Italian cuisine, Thai food, Japanese cuisine, Chinese food, barbecue and other series. During this special period, many restaurants post free shipping promotions on the DoorDash platform. At the same time, DoorDash provides users with options of the fastest food delivery restaurants.



🏠Delivery Area:USA

💰Cost:Vary by restaurants

🌟Highlights:Easy to pay; Many options to choose on the platform

Seamless has now been acquired by GrubHub. Previously, it had the greatest market share among U.S. delivery companies. The user experience was great and the cost was reasonable. Users can select delivery restaurants according to restaurant reviews, price, distance, and delivery time. Once the order is placed, the user will receive a text message about delivery status.



🏠Delivery Area:Los Angeles Area

💰Cost:Vary by restaurents

🌟Highlights:Accept WeChat Pay and Alipay

This app was designed by a Chinese American. It supports Alipay payment. There are many cooperative Chinese restaurants, Japanese restaurants, and Korean restaurants on the platform, which meets the needs of lovers of Asian foods. Many merchants on the platform have given "5 miles free shipping" promotions, and daily specials are also available.



🏠Delivery Area:Los Angeles Area

💰Cost:Delievery Fee + Service Fee

🌟Highlights:Pay after you receive your delivery

Like Gesoo, it is also a Chinese-designed delivery app. Both apps focus mainly on Chinese food, but this app includes many big restaurants like Dalongyi, Haidilao, Xiaolongkan. You can pay when you receive your delivery, so you can make sure the delivered is what you want.



🏠Delivery Area:U.S.

💰Cost:$9.99 Monthly Fee(Free Delivery); General User: Delivery fee + Service Fee

🌟Highlights:Great service

Postmates provides the best customer service. It is especially good for group orders. Postmates provides restaurant recommendations for parties and groups.

Uber Eats


🏠Delivery Area:U.S.

💰Cost:Deliver fee + Service Fee

🌟Highlights:Best promotions

UberEats has a great discount for new users. For the first time using the App to order and recommending it to friends, you can get a voucher worth of $20. During the special period of coronavirus, all delivery fees are waived. It helps many users save a lot of money.


Hungry Panda

🏠Delivery Area:Los Angeles Area

💰Cost:Deliver Fee and Service Fee

🌟Highlights:Accept WeChat Pay and Alipay

There are always good promotions on this platform. It is worth downloading this app during the special period as delivery services are quite busy at this time.



🏠Delivery Area:Eastern Area in the U.S.

💰Cost:Delivery Fee + Service Fee

🌟Highlights:Popular in the eastern area in the U.S.

Get $5 off when you place your first order. There are many cooperative boutique shops on the Chowbus platform. You can have a very authentic hometown taste. 

AmazonFresh/Whole Foods

Amazon Fresh

🏠Delivery Area: U.S


🌟Highlights:Fresh vegetable and meat

Good for users who have Amazon Prime. When you place an order, you could get it no later than on the next day.



🏠Delivery Area:East Coast in U.S.

💰Cost:Minimum cost is $6

🌟Highlights:Fresh Vegetable and meat

This app is mainly for users in the east coast of the United States, with a minimum consumption requirement. The delivery speed depends on the distance, and it usually takes a couple of hours on the same day. Fresh and high-quality vegetables, fruit and meat are served on the platform. It also works with several local supermarkets to provide organic food.

Walmart Grocery

walmart grocery

🏠Delivery Area:U.S.

💰Cost:Delivery fee is $10, with a minimum $30 purchase

🌟Highlights:Deliver within one day

It is good for users who like to do grocery shopping at Walmart. The price is relatively low.



🏠Delivery Area:U.S.

💰Cost:Vary by weights and delivery time of each order

🌟Highlights:Deliver fresh vegetables and meats from stores like Costco.

This platform carries items from major grocery stores in the United States. The vegetables and meat are fresh. Orders are usually delivered on the next day.



🏠Delivery Area: East Coast and Central in the U.S. 

💰Cost:Approximately $10

🌟Highlights: First online grocery shopping platform for Asian grocery in North America 

FreshGoGo is the first online grocery shopping platform for Asian grocery in North America supported by an advanced technical platform. FreshGoGo provides customers with fresh and high-quality products like vegetables, meat, seafood, pre-cooked meals, gourmet foods and meals at competitive prices.



🏠Delivery Area:LA, Seattle, San Francisco

💰Cost:Free Delivery over $35

🌟Highlights:Largest online Asain grocer in North America

This platform carries Asian groceries, snacks and foods that are hard to find at other groceries. First time users receive $10 off on the first order.

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