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IPSY Glam Bags Review: How to Cancel IPSY Subscription?

Kiera Xu
July 27, 2021

Who doesn’t like expecting a surprise box every month? IPSY Glam Beauty Bag offers you the chance to expect more! Each month, IPSY Glam Bag delivers eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, foundation, highlight, concealer, blush, shadow, nail polish, lipstick, hair care, makeup tools, moistures, and other beauty products tailored to your preferences. However, IPSY Glam Bags are receiving more and more complaints. Feeling disappointed at IPSY bags? Wanting to save your money for more? You need to know these before you make your decision on your IPSY account.

What are IPSY Glam Bags?

IPSY Bags are monthly subscription beauty boxes provided by IPSY. You will get a box filled with makeup or skincare or hair care of various brands out of your choice each month. It’s a good subscription service if you want to try out new products and enjoy surprises. You can cancel IPSY subscription beauty boxes anytime and there’s no shipping fee for each box. 

How Much Will IPSY Glam Bags Cost?

There are 3 price tiers for IPSY’s monthly subscription.

IPSY Price Tiers

The $12 Glam Bag contains 5 beauty products worth $50+, and the $25 Glam Bag Plus will give you5 full-size products worth $120+. Also if you want more, the $37 Combined option is recommended: it combines 2 plans worth $170+. In the $37 Combined bag, you will get 5 beauty products in sample size and 5 products in full size.

What’s Inside IPSY Glam Bags?

You can always tailor your bags anytime. Before you pay for the subscription service, you’ll be asked to fill a questionnaire about your skin tone, brands you like, products you want and how often you want them. You can also choose the colors you prefer for makeup. 

Is IPSY bags worth it? Products in IPSY beauty bags include makeup, moisture, hair care and nail polish from all kinds of brands you like and there are more to be expected.

IPSY Glam Bags Pros and Cons

Based on IPSY reviews about its makeup bags, it shows that IPSY Glam Bags have pros and cons as below:


  • You can customize the box for yourself, and change your preferences easily.
  • Products are from prestigious brands with high quality and have good reviews.
  • You can change your preferences anytime.
  • Quite worthy if you like trying out new products.


  • Hard to access customer service. 
  • Some reviewers complain they keep receiving products they don’t like even after they report their preferences to IPSY.
  • Subscription service. You have to cancel it by yourself. If you forget to cancel IPSY subscription, hundreds of dollars will be gone for one year.
  • Procedure to cancel IPSY subscription is quite complicated.

How to Cancel IPSY?

When you feel it's unnecessary to pay for the subscription, it's easy to cancel your IPSY subscription through the following two ways to cancel your IPSY Bags subscription.


1. Chat with Customer Service

You can chat with customer service online directly and tell them to cancel your subscription.

Cancel IPSY Subscription


1.1 Click Help Center and scroll down to the bottom;

1.2 Click Get Instant Answers to chat.


2. Cancel IPSY Subscription Online

2.1 Log into your IPSY account;

2.2 Go to Account and click on “Edit Account Settings”;

2.3 Click on “Membership” and  "Manage Membership;

2.4 Click on "Help me stop my membership”;

2.5 A pop up will ask if you want to Skip a Month instead. If you don't want to skip, click "Continue cancellation." 

2.6 An email will be sent to confirm the cancellation;

2.7 Click on the link in the email to finalize your cancellation. 


You must keep logged in your IPSY account while clicking on the link in the email. 


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