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Online Banking Review | Zero

July 27, 2021

About Zero Banking

Zero banking is a mobile banking experience consisting of an app, a credit card called Zerocard, and a checking account called Zero Checking. Zero is the first modern banking experience to combine the simplicity of a debit card with the rewards of a credit card, featuring unlimited 1.0% to 3.0% cashback on spending and 0% to 2.00% annually on average. Zero is powered by two accounts under the hood, a checking account (Zero Checking) to hold your money and a credit card (Zerocard) that makes great rewards possible. 


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Pros & Cons


  • No fees(except for late or returned payments)

Zero of the most annoying fees of typical bank accounts

  • Unique debit-style experience

The Zero app also allows you to track your Zerocard spending alongside deposits in a Zero Checking account. Zerocard provides unlimited cash back with no category restrictions at a higher rate than many other credit cards in the U.S. market.

  • Those with limited credit history may qualify to apply
  • No ATM fees charged by Zero

You don’t pay any ATM fees beyond what the ATM owner may charge



  • High APR
  • No additional cards available to authorized users
  • Qualifying for cashback tiers above 1% requires high spending



However, there is currently no sign-up bonus offered. Zero explains why the card doesn’t offer any bonus incentives: 

“Many banks fund these incentives hoping that some customers revolve a balance, ultimately paying for the rewards,” reads a statement provided to Forbes. “Rather than focus on the quick win, Zero is designed for those who don’t want to pay interest every month using our ‘debit-style’ experience.”

Accounts & APY

Zerocard has a tier-based rewards system, composed of cashback percentages:

  • Zerocard Quartz: Earns 1% cashback available to all Zerocard cardholders.
  • Zerocard Graphite: 1.5% cashback unlocked with $25,000 of annual spending.
  • Zerocard Magnesium: 2.0% cash back; unlocked with $50,000 of annual spending.
  • Zerocard Carbon: 3% cashback unlocked with $100,000 of annual spending.

Minimum Checking/Saving account Requirement

Surprisingly, there is no minimum amount required to sign up for a checking account. 


  • Annual fee: None
  • Late payment: Up to $27
  • Returned payment: Up to $25
  • Foreign transaction fee: None

To sum up, there are no annual, maintenance, or foreign transaction fees. 

Customer Service

As a new-style banking service, Zero card only provides email contact information as below: CONTACT@ZEROFINANCIAL.COM.

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