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🌊The 5 Best Weekend Getaways from Los Angeles 

July 27, 2021

Whether you’re a Los Angeles native or are visiting the city as part of a road trip through California, you’ll find that there are numerous things to do in the City of Angels. However, Southern California is bursting with delightful sights to see and cities to explore. The best part? Most of them are just a short distance away from Los Angeles.

From romantic weekend getaways in Napa Valley wine country to a relaxing ski trip up in Big Bear, access and proximity to cheap weekend getaways are among the many perks of living in Los Angeles. You don’t need to ask off for work to enjoy a fun-filled weekend away; simply browse our list, find one that suits your style, and start planning a memorable adventure.

Best Weekend Getaways

1. Napa Valley

🌊The 5 Best Weekend Getaways from Los Angeles | Cheese Debit Card
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As one of the world’s most famous wine regions, Napa Valley is home to various oenological delights and breathtaking landscapes. Raise a glass and treat yourself to a romantic weekend getaway to this California treasure just a few hours north of Los Angeles. Explore the valley by car or hop on the region’s unique Napa Valley Wine Train; the latter takes you through all of the valley’s top sights, including the Castello di Amorosa, Napa Cellars, and the Beaulieu Vineyard. Lush green landscapes and award-winning wines await you.

2. Palm Springs

🌊The 5 Best Weekend Getaways from Los Angeles | Cheese Debit Card
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Tired of the hum and drum of the city? Escape to the famous desert getaway Palm Springs, a hotspot for celebrities, partygoers, and retirees alike. A quick tour of the city reveals unique architecture in mid-century modern buildings framed by tall palm trees and bright, beaming sun. We suggest planning a weekend getaway to Palm Springs if you’re in search of some serious relaxation; the region is home to numerous resorts and world-class golf courses, along with hiking trails where you can reconnect to nature. However you choose to spend your weekend, be sure not to miss the chance to hop on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.

3. Joshua Tree

🌊The 5 Best Weekend Getaways from Los Angeles | Cheese Debit Card
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When visiting Joshua Tree, you’ll find yourself so immersed in an alien-like land that it’s hard to believe it’s only a two to three-hour drive from Los Angeles. Scenic campgrounds and the unique Joshua trees pepper this unique desert hideaway. It’s widely known as a spot where people retreat from the city to engage in meditation, yoga, rock climbing, and stargazing. Plan to spend a night at the area’s International Dark Sky Park where constellations, planets, and bright stars are visible in all of their glory.

4. Catalina Island

🌊The 5 Best Weekend Getaways from Los Angeles | Cheese Debit Card
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Seeing as the entire state of California is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, one might think that there’s not much appeal in jetting off to a nearby island for a cheap weekend getaway. However, after one visit to Catlina Island you’ll understand its magical appeal. Hop on the 90-minute Catlina Express ferry and prepare for a luxurious island experience similar to many islands you’ll find off the coast of Spain. Soak in the sun, indulge in some of the region’s top restaurants, or zipline through a nearby canyon. The options are endless but one thing’s for sure; you’re going to leave Catalina more relaxed and rejuvenated than ever.

5. Big Bear

🌊The 5 Best Weekend Getaways from Los Angeles | Cheese Debit Card
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Those who aren’t fans of the beach or any type of desert oasis will enjoy a weekend getaway to Big Bear, a destination snuggled deep within the San Bernadino Mountains that offers prime skiing and snowboarding. During the summertime, you’ll skip the snow but get to enjoy miles and miles of tranquil hiking trails, dense forests, and chances to explore the area by horseback. We suggest Big Bear as either a fun friends getaway or as a romantic getaway with your partner as there are tons of cute Airbnbs and bed and breakfasts around where you can call home for the weekend.

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