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⛽️The Best Price Match Apps For Gas

July 27, 2021

What is price matching? We’ve gone into detail about what price matching is and what some of the best price match apps are for general price adjustment savings strategies. But, you can price match across numerous different consumer categories, including travel, groceries, and even gas.

Price matching is a great savings strategy that you can implement in your daily life to ensure that you’re getting the best price on everything, from a new summer dress to a few gallons of gas and even your weekly groceries.

There are ways to save 1000 bucks in gas, and finding the cheapest gas nowadays doesn’t mean you have to drive all over town to look for the cheapest price per gallon. Now, there’s an app for that. Actually, there are many! These are the best gas price match apps that will compare prices across different competitors to help you save money at the pump.

1. GasBuddy


As a crowdsourced app, GasBuddy ensures that its users can provide up-to-date information on gas prices wherever they are. This means that over 60 million users can crowdsource information on gas prices to ensure that prices are constantly updated across different competitors. And, the app doesn’t only limit its functions to finding cheaper gas prices based on your location. It also helps you find the closest locations, spots with the friendliest service, cleanest restrooms, and more. To top it all off, if you sign up using your debit or credit card, you can pay through the app and receive five cents off each gallon.

2. Gas Guru

Gas Guru

Gas Guru works similarly to GasBuddy in that it aggregates gas prices in your area to provide you with an up-to-date list of the cheapest prices. However, Gas Guru uses prices from the Oil Price Information Service, which means their prices are up to date and don’t rely on user information to update their platform. It will direct you towards the pump with the cheapest prices first and then add your frequented gas stations to a favorite list in order to make it easier to find that location again later.

3. Waze


While you might know and love Waze as one of the world’s best GPS driving apps, it can also help you find the cheapest price on gas near you. The app traditionally uses its community of users to update other users on traffic conditions. And, in this way, it’s similar to GasBuddy, as it relies on its users to update others on gas prices as well. However, the app takes things a step further by also providing you with the shortest route to get to the gas station with the cheapest prices. This helps you save on wasted gas mileage by driving around to find a service station yourself or getting lost on the way to a new one with cheaper prices.

4. Drivvo

Drivvo - Driver and vehicle expenses and income

More than a mere gas price comparison app, Drivvo is a comprehensive driver management tool that’ll help you save extra money by doing things like tracking your car’s performance, gas mileage, expenses, and repairs. And, yes, it also helps you search for and compare gas prices near you. Using the app’s unique functions, you’ll be able to track your refueling time and costs in order to search for cheaper gas prices each time you’re about to head to the pump. You can find the cheapest gas stations in the area and then log all of your fuel and driving data to see how much gas mileage your car is getting.

5. AAA TripTik® Planner

If you’re only trusting of reputable sources then it doesn’t get more credible than relying on a AAA app to help you optimize your savings and spend less on gas each month. This app is more of a trip planner than anything else, but it’s so highly-optimized that it can help you find the cheapest prices on gas after comparing and matching prices from over 85,000 gas stations in their database. To start, you simply have to plan a trip to your destination. The app will show you a route with up to 20 different stops along the way where you can refuel. It will show you the best places for gas along the most efficient route.

Saving More For Gas & Other Essentials

Price matching is a great financial tool to use in your everyday life that can help ensure that you never spend more than you should for a certain item, including groceries and gas. However, there are other ways to bolster your savings than by saving cents at the pump.

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