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How To Save During a Crisis: Tips From Professional Advisors

Nobody could have predicted that 2020 would see the beginning of a worldwide economic crisis and now that we’re in the midst of a pandemic that’s affecting companies and workers on a global scale, everybody is beginning to think about how to save money during the crisis. We sourced information from professional advisors to bring you our expert tips on how to save money during a crisis such as coronavirus and how to ensure that you’ll come out on the other side financially healthy as well as physically.

3 Unique Ways to Make Mac & Cheese

Mac and cheese is one of the easiest recipes to make at home as it requires very few ingredients. A basic mac and cheese recipe should only call for macaroni and, well, tasty cheese. Aside from that, you can throw in some unique ingredients that’ll kick the flavor factor up even more. Check out our picks for three unique ways to make mac and cheese. Let the drooling commence.

The 10 Best Apps for Working From Home

As a pandemic tears through the country and companies begin to send employees home, nearly every single non-essential worker has recently been forced into the remote working lifestyle. If you’re new to this kind of remote working environment then it might take you a few weeks to adjust. From learning how to set up a home office space to minimizing distractions, there truly is an art to working from home. Learn how to stay productive at home while also enhancing your professional life in general with our list of the ten best apps to use.

Everything You Need to Know About Trump's Stimulus Check Program

Last week, the United States House and Senate passed a $2 trillion stimulus relief package to help American businesses and individuals get through the coronavirus pandemic. How much money will you receive? When will you receive it? Do you have to pay taxes on the stimulus check you receive in 2020? These are all valid questions. And, we’re here to help you make sense of the answers.

Struggling Financially? Places To Find Financial Help Amidst Coronavirus Crisis.

There’s no doubt that the spread of coronavirus has already begun to affect global economies. So, if you’ve been affected by the pandemic, just know that you’re not alone. Small businesses, individuals and even large corporations are struggling to adjust to the “new normal” that this virus has thrust us into. Whether you’ve experienced a job loss or are simply looking for ways to protect your savings amidst the pandemic, here’s where to find financial help as we continue to navigate the uncertainties of the coronavirus crisis.

5 Fun Facts About Chuck E. Cheese

Now, it’s time to give a little back to the parents who are looking to take their kids out for a meal where they can enjoy both cheese and fun. What’s there to know about Chuck E. Cheese besides how kid-friendly it is? Quite a lot! Here are five fun facts about Chuck E. Cheese.

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