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3 Great Things to Buy on FreshGoGo

July 27, 2021

During the COVID-19 pandemic, online grocery delivery and grocery delivery apps have seen a massive increase in popularity. As states order residents to stay home and avoid public places, people are turning towards grocery delivery for their basic needs. And, it’s caused the three largest grocery delivery apps to experience growths of 124%, 160%, and 218% respectively.

While using a grocery delivery app is a great way to protect yourself and others, it’s also important to ensure you’re supporting local businesses as well. If you’re interested in supporting local Chinese grocery stores or Asian food restaurants, check out FreshGoGo. We’ll walk you through the basics of this grocery delivery app and then recommend some of the best items to buy on FreshGoGo.

What is FreshGoGo?


According to the app’s creators, FreshGoGo is the first grocery app in North America that provides its users with the ability to locate, purchase, and receive (via daily delivery) fresh produce, authentic Asian cuisine, and Asian food products from local markets. FreshGoGo provides customers with fresh and high-quality products like vegetables, meat, seafood, pre-cooked meals, gourmet foods, and meals at competitive prices.

🏠 Delivery Area: East Coast and Central in the United States (check their website to make sure they deliver to your door!)

💰 Cost: Approximately $10

🌟 Highlights: It’s the very first online grocery shopping platform for Asian grocery in North America 

Benefits of Ordering From FreshGoGo

There are quite a few benefits of ordering from FreshGoGo, but the biggest benefit is perhaps the fact that you’ll be supporting local markets and providers as opposed to larger supermarket chains. On top of that, you’re also able to track your order after you’ve placed it and see the exact time when the order will arrive to your house.

To use FreshGoGo, you simply have to place an order before 10 pm on the night before you’re looking to have your food and other products delivered. They’ll prepare and pack your order (including putting it into a temperature-controlled case if needed), then deliver. It’s important to note, however, that they only deliver Wednesday through Sunday. But, they’ll keep you updated of your delivery order’s status regardless.

Best Things to Buy on FreshGoGo

Some things are better to buy than others via grocery delivery. And, the same goes when ordering on FreshGoGo. Because you have lots of choices, ranging from fresh produce and Asian food products to fresh, hot cuisine, there’s a lot to know about what you should definitely get from this food delivery app.

Chinese Breakfast Food

The best items to buy from FreshGoGo are usually the ones that are packaged and hard to find elsewhere. Via the app, you’re able to browse a category dedicated to solely Chinese breakfast food. They have everything from Yimei green onion pancakes to authentic cold fritters. If you’re craving something fresh, try ordering pork buns or salty rice balls.

Fresh Produce

By ordering fresh produce on FreshGoGo you’re directly supporting local farmers. And, you’ll note that the app delivers quite a variety of unique fresh produce that you’re not likely to find at your local Walmart, Target, or Vons. From Taiwanese cabbage and leek flowers to Shanghai Miao and even taro, they’ve got everything you need to whip up an authentic meal at home.

Hot Gourmet Food

While ordering your weekly groceries on FreshGoGo is a great idea, you can also order food delivery straight from local Asian restaurants as well. Of course, this depends on where you live in terms of availability, but you’ll find that the app has aggregated a pretty fantastic list of local restaurants serving everything from noodles and dim sum to Malaysian food and bakery items. Support local restaurants and order delivery from FreshGoGo.

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