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7 Secrets to Save Tons of Money at Walmart

July 27, 2021

Recent statistics show that nearly 90% of all Americans are located within 15 miles of a Walmart. So, you’re always close to the everyday savings and great deals that make this large superstore so popular.

And, while the supermarket is known for offering great deals on everyday items, ranging from food and clothes to cleaning supplies and beauty products, we’ve got a few money hacks that can help you save even more cash than you already do.

Ready to start super-saving this summer? Check out our seven secrets to save tons of money at Walmart. Then, sign up for a Cheese Debit Card so you can double those savings with our cashback bonus.

How to Save More Money at Walmart 

1. Price Match Walmart Prices at the Store

We’ve written about the beauty and benefits of price match apps, and using them to get the lowest price of an item is one of the best ways to save tons of money at Walmart. However, if you’re not a fan of third-party apps, you can also save money by price matching Walmart prices on in-store goods. Check the price of an online item and ask them to honor that price in-store. They’ll honor the lower price, whether you found it on or from another competitor’s website.

2. Earn Cashback on Your Walmart Receipts

If you’re not using a cashback app this summer, you should! Fetch Rewards, InboxDollars, and Ibotta are all great platforms where you can sign up to scan your receipts and perform other actions in order to earn cashback on your Walmart receipts. InboxDollars is an especially great option as they allow you to watch videos in exchange for cash, with certain users reporting that they can earn over $200 a month. Imagine being able to add $200 to your grocery budget each month just for watching videos! Add that onto your Ibotta earnings and your Walmart trips are practically taken care of.

3. Stick to Online Ordering

While you won’t necessarily save money simply by ordering online, you can save money in the long run because you’re not going to overspend like you might when you visit the store in-person. This works just the same as sticking to a grocery list does, or only bringing cash with you to the store. If you’re prone to overspending, you’ll want to utilize this tip to save money at Walmart. Load up your Walmart Money Card, fill your cart with the necessities, and avoid getting distracted by anything else you don’t really need.

4. Get Free Samples from PINCHme

Did you know that you can get free Walmart samples by signing up for PINCHme? You don’t even have to sign up with a credit card to reap the rewards and benefits you’ll receive from getting access to these free samples. While not all of the products come from Walmart (in fact, they’re sourced from brands all over the world), you’ll find that by receiving these samples, you’re able to save on household items while also testing certain products to see what’s eventually worth your money and what’s not.

5. Take Paid Surveys Online for More Walmart Cash

Sign up for MyPoints to take paid online surveys. Not only will they give you the ability to earn more cash to spend on groceries and other items at Walmart, but they’ll also give you Walmart gift cards to use as well. Once you sign up, you can take five surveys to get a $5 Walmart gift card. Other great websites for these kinds of cashback deals and savings include InboxDollars, SwagBucks, and Survey Junkie.

6. Pay with Walmart’s Prepaid Debit Card

What’s the Walmart Money Card? It’s Walmart’s exclusive prepaid debit card that can help you stick to a strict budget and save money in the long run both at Walmart and at other stores. To sign up for a Walmart Money Card, you simply have to be 18 years or older and load the card with cash. Try loading your Walmart Money Card with a set amount of cash before each trip to the grocery store. If you’re trying to spend just $100 per trip, only load $100, for example. Then, don’t take any additional cards or cash with you. This will help you avoid overspending, regardless of what kind of deals you find in-store.

7. Download Rakuten for Walmart Savings

Rakuten is a fantastic platform if you’re looking to earn cashback and save money when shopping at Walmart. You can earn up to 40% back at over 2,500 different stores, making the app one of the most far-reaching in terms of savings opportunities. It works because retailers offer a commission on purchases made through the app and then Rakuten turns around and shares that commission with you. Create a free account, shop Walmart deals, and if you make a purchase within 90 days, they’ll send you a free Walmart gift card.

Get More Out of Your Daily Savings

If you’re working hard to save money right now, you’ll want to look for ways to stretch your savings and even put your money to work for you. By signing up for the Cheese Debit Card, you’re able to access and unlock savings in the form of cashback and a savings bonus. When you tack that onto the fact that the card comes with no monthly fees, no overdraft fees, and great interest rates, it’s just as lucrative as using cashback apps or even spending with a Walmart Money Card.

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