Cheese Stands with Ukraine

April 23, 2022

As the Russian military invasion of Ukraine has unfolded, the crisis is becoming a widespread humanitarian catastrophe. Over 3.5 million refugees have been forced to flee Ukraine, and the number is still growing – 10 million people in Ukraine will be displaced because of the war, warned by the United Nations. We are heartbroken to witness what Ukraine people are experiencing right now. As part of the international community, our thoughts are with the innocent civilians who suffer from the war, and those organizations and individuals who make every effort to offer help. 

Cheese stands in solidarity with our Ukrainian neighbors. To support humanitarian relief efforts, we are partnering with the Bright Side Foundation through the Cheese Giveback Fund. The Cheese Giveback Funds is a program designed to provide aid to Asian non-profits, communities and businesses with a pledged amount of $100,000 donation. We have been working with the Asian Pacific Funds, Welcome to Chinatown, AAPI Women Lead and Sending Chinatown Love, to support our Asian community in civic engagement, community development and more. Till April 2022, the funds have come to $38,038.5 in total. Our beloved Cheese users can also choose to give out their signup rewards and cash back earnings to our Giveback Fund through the Cheese app. Through donating to the International Rescue Committee and the Bright Side Foundation, Cheese hopes to ensure our efforts have a direct and meaningful impact on those who need help in this challenging situation.

The Bright Side Foundation is a nonprofit organization formed to help immigrants in the US to live better lives. It offers language courses and face-to-face guidance to the new immigrants for a better understanding of the local culture and resources. People who need legal advice on the paperwork can also seek their help. In addition, the Bright Side Foundation also provides those in need with mental health support to make them a stress-free transition. By offering language, documents and anxiety-relieving support, the Bright Side Foundation is dedicated to helping immigrants in the U.S. in their daily needs. During the Ukraine crisis, the Bright Side Foundation is making donations to help the refugees who suffer from the war. Here are some useful links they found that refugees may need: Source for refugees to find a place to stay. Apply for asylum when you are in the U.S. Apply for a new I94 card. Apply for any other status adjustment, work permits, and permanent resident status.

And here are some other ways to help: 

UNICEF: Support the children and families caught in the conflict in Ukraine with health, nutrition, HIV prevention, education, safe drinking water, sanitation and protection. 

Voices of Children: A Ukrainian organization that helps provide psychological and psychosocial support to children affected by wars.

UN Refugee Agency: The international organization helps refugees with emergency relief efforts, cash assistance, education, innovation, building livelihoods and resettlement in the U.S. 

Ukraine and its people are experiencing a very challenging and tragic time right now. We deeply hope that this war will end soon. In the meantime, Cheese is committed to keeping monitoring the situation and doing everything we can to support Ukrainian communities impacted by the war. We stand with all the organizations and people who are calling for peace. 

Also want to help? Can’t be easier! You always have the choice to give out your signup rewards and cashback earnings to our Giveback Fund through in-app donations. Redeem your cash back earnings and  you can be a part of us to support the Asian community as well as the Ukraine community who suffered from the war. Keep an eye on the Cheese Giveback Fund, we promise to support what you care about. 

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