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Easy Halloween Costumes to DIY for 2020

July 27, 2021

Despite still being in the middle of a pandemic, studies prejudice that Americans will spend $8.05 billion on the ghoulish holiday that is Halloween this year. Furthermore, they’re planning on spending even more on the holiday than they have in previous years, with the average American reported to spend over $92 this year on their haunted hauls.

What if we told you that you don’t have to spend more than about $10 to create your Halloween 2020 costume? Yes, it’s possible, and it’ll turn out to be much cheaper than Target Halloween costumes and Walmart Halloween costumes. If you know how to DIY your own getup, crafting easy Halloween costumes is easier than ever this year.

Best Halloween Costumes to DIY

1. Arthur

What has been one of the most-used memes over the past year or so is now (yes, still) one of the hottest Halloween costumes of 2020. Instead of purchasing a full Arthur kit, dig through your closet to see if you can find a yellow sweater, pair it with blue jeans, and browse your local dollar store for round glasses and a headband. Create felt ears and glue them onto the headband and voila, you’re Arthur! Remember to clench your fist for photos.

Easy Halloween Costumes to DIY for 2020 | Cheese Debit Card
Image: @kaitstoeckel/Bounty Parents 

2. Ketchup & Mustard

Looking for a cute couples costume set for your Zoom Halloween party? Ketchup and mustard is a classic, and it’s also a pretty easy Halloween costume design to replicate. All you really need is to find solid red and yellow t-shirts and then craft the squirt tops out of paper plates (for the base) and thick cardboard paper for the cap. Super glue them together, let them dry, and create a separate logo to stick to the shirts if you feel like adding some extra style. When browsing Walmart Halloween costumes, you’ll note that just one ketchup costume sells for $26, so you’re saving a fortune by DIY’ing this one.

Easy Halloween Costumes to DIY for 2020 | Cheese Debit Card
Image: Studio DIY

3. Baby Shark

This one works for baby shark (i.e. the little ones) or mama or daddy shark, too. To DIY a shark costume, you need to purchase a grey hoodie and sweatpants. You’re going to cut out red felt to fit the inside of the hoodie and glue it inside. Then, you’ll cut out teeth from thick white paper and glue them to the outer edge of the hoodie. Glue black eyes to either side of the head, slap a fin onto your back, and you’re good to go. The Target Halloween costumes section has a shark costume for adults that sells for $40, making this a much cheaper option. 

Easy Halloween Costumes to DIY for 2020 | Cheese Debit Card
Image: Shrimp Salad Circus

4. Breadwinner

Using items from around the house to craft a costume is always going to be budget-friendly. And, chances are that you’ve got a loaf of bread or two in the pantry you can use for this one. You’ll also need a solid blue or red t-shirt, some medals (which you can find easily at the dollar store), and some sports headbands or wristbands. Put the medals around your neck and walk around with the bread as your prize. You’re the breadwinner. Get it?

Easy Halloween Costumes to DIY for 2020 | Cheese Debit Card
Image: Jeanswest/Kathryn Wirsing

5. Pirate

Whether for men or women, a DIY pirate costume is one of the top easy Halloween costumes in terms of both simplicity and price. Really, a pirate costume hinges on the sashes and eyeliner you choose to wear. We suggest opting for black pants or leggings, an oversized (perhaps slightly ripped) white shirt, and red or blue sashes around your waist and forehead. You can find eyepatches, plastic swords, and cheap eyeliner at your local dollar store or thrift shop to complete the look.

Image: Alpha Mom 

6. Green with Envy

Forget about Target Halloween costumes (and their price tag) completely and opt for something way punnier. If you’re dressing up as a pair, go as “green with envy.” One person will be “green” and they’ll be with “envy.” To complete this fantastically easy look, one person needs to dress in all green and the other simply needs to wear a white or black t-shirt with the word “envy” on the front of it. It’s super creative and budget-friendly.

Image: Good Housekeeping

7. Hogwarts Characters

If you’re looking for something fun yet fast, we’d suggest actually browsing Target Halloween costumes for this one. They sell fairly high-quality Hogwarts robes for each house (Gryffindor is slightly more expensive) for less than $20 each. Pair it with a DIY wand, some books, and perhaps a plushie of your familiar for added effect. It’s a costume that’ll never go out of style.

Easy Halloween Costumes to DIY for 2020 | Cheese Debit Card
Image: Audrey the Alien

Save More for Halloween

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