🎉Good News! Our Lunch Budget Donation Has Launched!

July 27, 2021

Long before the “Safer at home” order was set, the Cheese Team had been worked-from-home since March, and we saved some money from the company lunch budget. We understood times are hard (especially for students) and we don't want to stand back. Therefore, we decided to give this budget to people who need it more than us. 

Since schools shut down, we consider that many students who live upon their work-study or school jobs may face some financial hardships. We sent out a newsletter and introduce our lunch donation program. Last week, we randomly selected 20 students from the Cheese waitlist and reached out to them to give $50 each for their weekly groceries. 💰

Cheese March Lunch Donation Students Locations
We've helped 20 students on our waitlist across the U.S.

We are more than happy to see that our donations actually support many of them because as a community we’d love to help.

March Lunch Donation Reaction

And notice that this won't be a one-time effort. In order to continue supporting our community, we plan to rerun this donation and help more people with their substances in late April. Please stay tuned for additional information.

Also, we want to say “Thank you” to those who made generous donations to SoCal Tech’s gofundme project to support healthcare workers on the front lines of this pandemic. Your efforts mean a lot! Together, we’re stronger.

If you wonder how to receive our newsletter and more information about our lunch donation program, please join us with your valid email address (or school email if you’re a student). We want you to be included in our community so that we can help.

Keep healthy and stay connected. ;)