🧀️How We're Supporting You As A Community🍊

July 27, 2021
Cheese Debit Card

Hi Cheese Lovers,

Times are hard (especially for students) and we don't stand back. 

The Cheese team has been WFH since March, and we’ve saved the company lunch budget. We want to give this budget to people who need it more than us. We will be giving 20 students $50 each for their weekly groceries. And this won't be a one-time effort. In the next following months, we will continue donating our lunch budget to help more people.

How to be eligible:

  • Sign up for the Cheese Debit Card waitlist with your valid student email address (ending with .edu) by the last Wednesday, 12:00 pm PST of each month.
  • If you are already on the waitlist, you’re all good!

Qualified Cheese users will be randomly selected and notified by the end of the last week each month. If you know a fellow student who could use some extra cash right now, please spread the word by forwarding this letter. 

You can easily share this letter to them by clicking on buttons on the top right through Facebook, Twitter and WeChat. You can also share by the link.

Cheese Debit Card

Besides the giveaway, we're also contributing to the SoCal tech community's gofundme to donate protective gear to SoCal hospitals. If you're interested and able, please join our effort to support healthcare workers on the front lines.

Our current efforts are limited but we want to do more. In the future, every time you swipe the Cheese Debit Card, we will donate 5 cents to a pool to help people in need.

Stay safe out there and remember that we’re stronger together.


Cheese Team