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The 10 Best Hulu Series to Stream Right Now

July 27, 2021

With numerous states still under lockdown and various school districts around the country canceling school for the remainder of the school year, many families are continuing to spend more time at home than they previously thought they’d have to.

And, there are only so many board games you can play and new, cheesy recipes you can try with all of the canned food you stocked up on at the beginning of the quarantine. So, if you’ve streamed the best Netflix shows and have found yourself bored with all of the great shows on HBO, what’s a weary, quarantined person to do?

There are actually a lot of great shows on Hulu right now. And, with a monthly cost of just $5.99 for the most basic plan, it’s one of the most budget-friendly streaming platforms to sign up for during the pandemic. Once you’ve signed up, start watching any one of our picks for the best Hulu original series to stream right now.

1. Little Fires Everywhere

Little Fires Everywhere and its heated discussions of race and ...
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Reese Witherspoon is one fire (and, despite the misleading name, not quite literally). After starring in Big Little Lies on HBO, she’s headed over to Hulu to give an equally impressive performance in Little Fires Everywhere. And, she’s joined by the talented Kerry Washington in this enthralling drama that “explores the weight of secrets, the nature of art and identity, the ferocious pull of motherhood.”

2. The Handmaid’s Tale

Stay Tuned: Hulu raises its game with 'The Handmaid's Tale ...
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Interested in exploring an American dystopian tragedy that’s not part of the present-day news cycle? The Handmaid’s Tale is actually an interesting look at what life might look like if we sank into a terrifying, totalitarian society. Elizabeth Moss delivers one of her best performances ever while fighting to survive and find the daughter that was taken from her as one of the last fertile women in the colony.

3. American Horror Story

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We’re far from Halloween but if you’re in the mood to feel freaked out, start binging American Horror Story. No, it’s not a Hulu original series. But, it’s just as entertaining nonetheless. And, the best part is that each season follows a different storyline, ensuring that you won’t quickly tire of the same old characters and plotline. With nine seasons on Hulu right now, you can take your pick. Interested in following along the stories at the murder house, the coven, or even in a modern-day cult?

4. Under the Banner of Heaven

Watch Under the Banner of Heaven Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)
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Definitely a best of the best Hulu series. Under the Banner of Heaven, inspired by the bestseller by Jon Krakauer, follows the murder of Brenda Wright Lafferty and her baby daughter in a suburb in the Salt Lake Valley. As Detective Jeb Pyre investigates events that transpired, he uncovers buried truths about the origins of the LDS religion and the violent consequences of unyielding faith. If you are a fan of Andrew Garfield, this series is for you!

5. Catch-22

Catch-22 Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original - YouTube
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Catch-22 is based on the Joseph Heller novel by the same name and stars George Clooney alongside a young cast of impressive actors. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in the adventures and misadventures of a US air squadron in Italy in World War II. While that might sound dark and brooding, the series is actually pretty satirical in nature. The six-episode series provides a pretty unique insight into the, well, catch-22s of military life in World War II.

6. Killing Eve

Watch Killing Eve Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)
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If you’re a fan of BBC America shows then you’ll love being able to catch up on Killing Eve now that it’s on Hulu. Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh star in this thrilling yet charming series about a psychopathic assassin and Eve, the MI5 security officer charged with hunting down the killer. If you love British black comedy then this is absolutely one of the best shows to binge-watch during the quarantine. Killy Eve is absolutely one of the best Hulu series.

7. The League

Watch The League Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)
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Seeing as all professional sports are canceled for the time being, what better way to get your fill of football than by watching The League? It’s the ultimate goofy comedy show for those interested in a few lighthearted laughs with some All-American fantasy football fun thrown in. The ensemble cast works well together, offering viewers a quirky character for every taste.

8. Into the Dark

Into the Dark: Teaser (Official) • A Hulu Original - YouTube
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We might be cheating a bit with this one as Into the Dark is a horror anthology series produced by Hulu, but it’s different in that each episode is a feature-length film in and of itself. The platform releases a new episode each month, all from the mastermind behind hit horror films such as Insidious and Paranormal Activity. What makes the feature-length episodes so appealing is that they each follow a theme inspired by a popular holiday.

9. Trust

Trust - The House of Getty & Lone Star - Review
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Another FX show, Trust unravels the story of the 1973 kidnapping of John Paul Getty III, an heir to the Getty oil fortune. This dynastic saga follows the story along while exploring themes of greed, wealth, fame, and fortune. The crime series currently only has one season out on Hulu, making it the perfect short-term distraction for self-isolation entertainment if you’re not looking to get sucked into something too long.

10. Hillary

Watch Hillary Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)
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As the 2020 presidential election nears closers, it’s time to start thinking about the past in order to assess the present and future. Hillary is a documentary series that provides never-before-seen footage from Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign while also intermixing it with biographical chapters of her life. It’s a pretty intriguing look at the former First Lady’s presidential campaign that’ll inspire you to go out and vote this November.

Saving Cash for Entertainment Expenses

If you’re like everybody else during this pandemic then you’re likely looking for ways to save some extra cash. Sure, you could start budgeting better amidst the coronavirus crisis. Or, you could simply look for a way to optimize your savings every time you spend.

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