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The 10 Best Websites & Apps to Get Coupons Online

July 27, 2021

Statistics show that shoppers who use coupons can save anywhere from $1,560 to $2,600 a year. While that might not seem like a lot daily or even monthly to you, imagine what you could do with an extra $2,600 at the end of the year. And, what’s more, the same study showed that 99% of shoppers still choose not to use coupons!

In today’s day and age, there’s really no excuse not to take advantage of coupon savings. You no longer have to sift through pages and pages of the newspaper to find the right coupons, cut them out, and take them to the store. Now, all you have to do is log onto a coupon website or access savings straight from your smartphone.

Really, it’s that easy. Not convinced? Here are ten of the best websites and apps to get coupons online that will translate into big savings for you and your family.

The Best Apps & Website for Finding Coupons

1.Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping is a great option for savvy shoppers interested in a price comparison app to save money. It’s especially great for those who do a lot of online shopping via their web browser as it’s a browser extension for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari. What’s so great about this coupon app and price match extension is that you don’t even need to apply a coupon or promo code to get the cheapest price of an item. However, the platform does offer promo codes and other discounts, too.

2. Swagbucks

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We recently ranked Swagbucks as one of the best sites for taking surveys for money. However, you can do more than earn cash for surveys here. Through this unique online platform, you can get free gift cards for answering paid surveys, completing polls, and more. On top of that, you can also access grocery coupons, online promo codes, and even Advance Auto Parts coupons. When you use them in-store, you'll receive cash-back with every purchase you make.

3. Amazon Coupons

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If you do a lot of shopping on Amazon then you’ll most definitely want to check out Amazon Coupons. It’s an area of the marketplace where you can find fantastic deals on Amazon products and a few other select products. What’s great about this aspect of “clipping” coupons is that the search feature makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. And, the coupons range anywhere from a couple of dollars off a product to up to 20 or even sometimes 30% off. What a deal.

4. RetailMeNot

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From the HotCoupon newsletter to the hundreds of daily coupons added, it’s easy to see what makes RetailMeNot one of the best websites to get coupons online. Browse the website to find trending daily deals. Or, take advantage of the search function to search manually for discounts and deals from numerous top retailers. As if that weren’t enough, you can also earn cashback on purchases and even save money on discounts at your local pharmacy.

5. Rakuten

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Rakuten is more of a cashback app than anything else, but there are so many other ways to save, specifically by accessing coupons and discounts. With the app, you can earn up to 40% back at over 2,500 different stores, making the app one of the most far-reaching in terms of savings opportunities. It works because retailers offer a commission on purchases made through the app and then Rakuten turns around and shares that commission with you, so you’re saving extra even without ever accessing their great discount deals.

6. Living Social

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With deals up to 80% off, signing up for Living Social is a no-brainer. The platform works similarly to Groupon in that it aggregates local deals. In fact, it’s owned by Groupon, so the functions are pretty similar. It’s one of the best websites to find online coupons if you’re interested in spending locally as most of the deals are for places such as local restaurants, bars, spas, and other related activities.


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Forget about clipping coupons this summer and just download the app. It’s user-friendly and filled with lots of great deals across numerous different retailers. Usually, you can access the savings while checking out at most major stores, like Target and Walmart. However, you can also submit a photo of your receipt through the app to receive money straight to your PayPal account, too. Or, access digital and physical coupons if you prefer the traditional method.

8. Dosh

Dosh is a typical cash-back app and give you cash-back rewards automatically. You can download the app to your phone and simply access the to find a great shop, dine, including Wendys, Uber, Sephora, Papa John's, Grubhub, Old Navy, Gap, Dominos,  Apple Music, and more! You can even get real cash back on your hotel booking.

Picture Source combines the best of all of the most well-known and popular coupon websites. It’s got great deals on flights and other local deals such as restaurants and clothing. However, you’ll also find traditional coupon deals such as grocery store products and other household essential items. The Featured Stores section makes it easy to find deals you might not have previously been searching for. And, they’re updated often so you’re always getting the latest coupons.

10. Groupon

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Did you know that the name Groupon comes from the combination of the words group and coupons? The deals you’ll find on Groupon are possible due to the fact that the platform works with retailers to create group coupons for you and other savers. While the app is most popular for discounts and deals on experiences such as entertainment and dining, you can also find a variety of products they offer at steeply discounted prices, sometimes up to 70% off.

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