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What is Cheese? Fun Facts about Cheese and Cheese Slang!

July 27, 2021

What is cheese? Cheese is a kind of food, but it also refers to money in slang. And, Cheese, when capitalized, is the 100% free cashback debit card with high-yield interest. You see, cheese is slang for money but it’s also one of the best ways to earn money.

Sure, you might hear lots of other names for cheese, and perhaps even hear about other types of cheese. From Chuck E. Cheese to the Cheesecake Factory, there’s a lot to love about all things cheese-related.

And, while we’ll eventually dive into all of the benefits of having a Cheese debit card, we’re going to dish out some seriously interesting facts first. Why is cheese slang for money? What’s cheese got to do with learning how to make money? Why is cream cheese frosting so delicious? Dive in for the answers.

Fun Facts About Cheese

What do you think of when you think of cheese? Maybe you think of macaroni, cheddar, blue or even lactose-free cheese (hey, lactose intolerance is no joke!). And, sure, all of those are tasty varieties of cheese. But, what do you really know about them?

You can’t begin to understand the importance of cheese as it relates to money unless you’ve got a solid (sometimes smelly) foundation of the history of cheese and all of the fun facts that surround it.

Get ready. We’re about to hit you with some fun facts:

  • Cheese was created by accident nearly 4,000 years ago. Someone stored milk in a container with the lining of an animal’s stomach. The stomach enzymes mixed with the milk and made, you guessed it, cheese!
  • Wisconsin is the United States’ top cheese-producing state. The state makes over 25% of the country’s cheese. And, it’s pretty tasty, too. Use it for some broccoli cheddar soup and we think you’ll agree.
  • Some cheeses are illegal. Yep, there are outlaw cheeses, y’all. At least in the United States. You can’t bring in certain cheeses, such as Roquefort and Camembert de Normandie. 
  • There are seven types of cheeses. No, we’re not talking about cream cheese frosting and vegan cheese. The seven types include fresh, aged fresh, soft white rind, semi-soft, hard, blue and flavor added.
  • The world’s favorite cheese is mozarella. It’s easy to see why. Millions of pizzas are made each year with this kind of tasty cheese.

Why is Cheese Slang for Money?

Whew, feel like you’ve gotten up close and personal with cheese? Or, are you just craving a cheesy Philly cheesesteak now? We don’t blame you. But, if you’re going to treat yourself to a delicious snack then you’ll wanna make sure you have the cash for it.

And, that brings us to our next point. Why is cheese slang for money? You’ll likely hear other names for it as well. They’re all food-related, such as dough, cheese, cheddar or even bread. What’s with this foodie fascination? Traditionally, it’s thought that the obsession comes from the fact that money revolved around the breadwinner. You know, the person bringing home the money.

Food Stamp Cheese

However, cheese as slang for money dates all the way back to the 1960s, at least in the US. It comes from when food stamp recipients received what was called “government cheese.” And, it was literally cheese. The government used a surplus of milk they had to create not-so-appetizing cheese for those receiving food stamps.

So, when someone asked you if you got your cheese yet, they were referring to actual cheese. But, because it was related to food stamps, it became synonymous with a sort of currency. And, the term just stuck. Now, people looking to earn a passive income might think about how to make money easy. Or, in other terms, earn some extra cheese on the side.

Earning Extra Cheese With the Cheese Debit Card

Enough talk about cheese. Let’s move on to talking about Cheese. Yes, with capital C, as we said, it’s something totally different. Cheese is a new debit card that allows you to get more out of your hard-earned money without charging any fees at all. And, when we say more, we really mean it.

We're dedicated to helping everybody earn more money. That’s why our debit card comes with cashback and savings bonus. 

Earn more cheese? You betcha. Sign up for a Cheese debit card today to get started.

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What is Cheese? Fun Facts about Cheese and Cheese Slang!